Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 22: So Much to be Happy About

Previously, the Star ☆ Twinkle team grew one stronger, so what better way to celebrate that fact than by having her in the background for most of this episode?
Uni (or Yuni, depending on who you ask) will get her chance later on; for now, both Hikaru and Lala have reasons to be cheerful.

Hikaru hugs Lala

Hikaru hugs Lala

To sum up this episode, it is Tanabata and Lala’s birthday. The main focus though is on Hikaru’s Dad returning home for the day. There seems to be a rift between him and his father, though.

Youichi Hoshina

Youichi Hoshina, Hikaru’s father

This episode introduces us to Youichi Hoshina. In the words of Lala, “They’re clearly family-lun.” In fact, Hikaru’s catchphrase – “kirayaba” or “twincool” or whatever translation you want, comes from him.

Young Hikaru

A young Hikaru persuades her Dad to follow his dreams

One particularly standout part of this episode is a flashback, that explains the reason why Youichi only returns to his family once a year on Tanabata. It’s quite a sweet flashback, though Youichi deciding to travel abroad did not sit well with his own father.

Lala talks to Hikaru's grandfather

Lala talks to Harukichi about Youichi

Lala gets a funny moment when she is talking to Hikaru’s grandfather – Harukichi – and is pretty quickly able to figure out that there is something wrong between him and Youichi. Even before that, turns out that the Hoshinas aren’t exactly adept at hiding their hunger.

Monster of the Week

Harukichi sealed inside a Notrey

Harukichi is the victim of the week this time around, which means PreCure have to fight a Notrey version of him.

Star Twinkle PreCure

The first time all five Cures have transformed together

The fight is pretty typical PreCure stuff, though for some reason Cure Star decides that they can’t use their Southern Cross Shot. Not that it matters, because Cure Cosmo is there to steal the show.

Cosmo borrows the Gemini Pen

Cosmo borrows Milky’s Gemini Princess Star Colour Pen

Perhaps it would have made more sense to have Cure Star and the others prepare to use their finishing move, and then have Cosmo swoop in at the last moment to deal the finishing blow. That would fit with her stealing the show, after all.


A toast to the birthday girl

So overall, a neat episode is how I would sum this one up. It had some charming moments, particularly with Hikaru and her family. Cure Cosmo stealing the show was appropriate, considering she was a space thief.
Youichi is a fun character, and it’s interesting to see just how much influence he has had one Hikaru.

I didn’t mention it last week, but we have now got a new ending theme for the show. It’s all right – I’m sure it will grow on me more as the season progresses.

Next time, lots of Fuwas.

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