GRANBELM Episode 1: Magic Mechas

This summer season, there are three shows starting that I would like to cover: GRANBELM, Symphogear XV and The Demon Girl Next Door (AKA Machikado Mazoku). The first one to air is GRANBELM, so that is exactly what I shall be taking a look at here.
GRANBELM is the one that I know the least about, so I’ve been looking forward to seeing what is in store.

GRANBELMFirst up, a quick summary of the events of this first episode:
A girl named Mangetsu Kohinata ends up in an illusory world, where she is caught up in a battle between mechas known as ARMANOX. After meeting another girl named Shingetsu Ernesta Fukami, Mangetsu ends up with her own ARMANOX.

Shingetsu & Mangetsu

Shingetsu & Mangetsu

The two main characters in GRANBELM are Mangetsu Kohinata and Shingetsu Ernesta Fukami. Mangetsu is the one with pink hair, and she has no idea what has happened after she ends up in the illusory world. Shingetsu seems to be a veteran ARMANOX pilot, as she is introduced in the middle of a battle.


ARMANOX battle

I quite like the designs of the ARMANOX. They are distinctly mecha, but something about them seems almost cute. They make for great action scenes, too. The first part of this episode is effectively an ARMANOX battle, and it is fantastic.

Mangetsu's ARMANOX

Mangetsu’s ARMANOX

That fantastic action only continues when Mangetsu gets an ARMANOX of her own. Just from this first episode alone, I’m confident that GRANBELM is going to have some very good action scenes during this season.


Anna Fugo

We also meet a couple of antagonists in this episode. First is Anna Fugo, who Shingetsu is fighting at the start of the episode. Anna does not like the idea of someone being better than her, which seems to at least partly be the reason she is fighting Shingetsu. It’s probably safe to say that she will be a recurring character.



Playing the role of Mangetsu’s first opponent is Rosa, who mistakenly believes the newly appeared ARMANOX will be an easy target. There is also another girl called Suishou, but she doesn’t have a particularly important role to play in this episode.

GRANBELM delivered an action-packed first episode, and I absolutely enjoyed it. Seems to be a similar thing to what Symphogear does, and anything that reminds me of Symphogear can only really be a good thing.
It’s early on in the season, but I can already feel that there is a strong possibility that GRANBELM will be my favourite non-sequel anime of the summer season.

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1 Response to GRANBELM Episode 1: Magic Mechas

  1. OG-Man says:

    I like what I saw and am ready for more. Some, myself included, got Moepocalypse vibes while watching. We’ll see what happens.

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