Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 21: Fierce Emotions

I had intended to wait until Over-Time put out their subs for this episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, but there’s the end of the spring season of anime as well as the start of the summer season.
Anyways, the number of PreCure increased by one last episode, and it is in the twenty-first one that we get to see what this new addition is capable of.

Cure Cosmo

Cure Cosmo

The episode picks up directly from where the previous one left off, shortly after Blue Cat had transformed into Cure Cosmo. Cosmo easily gets the upper hand against the Ayewan Notrigger. The enemy won’t just sit back and allow themselves to be defeated, though.


Darknest powers up the Notrigger

Darknest joins the battle, by possessing Ayewan. The strength of the enemy army increases with their leader joining them on the battlefield, so Hikaru and the others transform in order to face this threat.

Cure Star vs Kappard

Cure Star vs. Kappard

We get some really nice shots of PreCure fighting. Milky, Soleil and Selene go after the Notreys, whilst Cosmo faces the Notrigger. Star confronts Kappard. Kappard tells Star that her loss of the Aries pen before is what caused current events.
Star is more concerned about saving Ayewan from the suffering she is experiencing being possessed by Darknest. Cure Star is driven enough that she is able to reclaim the Aries Star Colour Pen from Kappard and team up with Cure Cosmo to fight the Notrigger.

Rainbow Perfume

Cure Cosmo receives the Rainbow Perfume

The Notrigger is too powerful for Cure Star to defeat. Just as it looks like that Star will be defeated, Cosmo steps up to protect her. Her resolve earns her the Rainbow Perfume, which lets her use a new special attack: PreCure Rainbow Splash.


Cure Cosmo ready to use Rainbow Splash

Cure Cosmo is able to defeat the Notrigger, and Ayewan goes back to being her old self. When she regains consciousness, Ayewan is not exactly happy about Bakenyan’s betrayal. She retreats, but only after stealing Blue Cat’s ship.

Cosmo reaction

Cosmo’s reaction to Ayewan stealing her spaceship

It’s unfortunate, but the retrieval of Aries Princess Star Colour Pen means that it is time for PreCure to visit the Star Palace once more.

Aries Fuwa

Aries Fuwa

Aries Star Princess

Aries Star Princess

At the Palace, the Aries and Taurus Star Princesses tell Blue Cat that she will be able to restore planet Rainbow with all the Princess Star Colour Pens – of course, Hikaru and the others are willing to help her towards that goal. Blue Cat intends to go it alone, but she no longer has a spaceship so she decides to go with Hikaru and the others to Earth.

Darknest appearance


Over on the enemy’s side of things, Darknest ceases to be a vague mass of energy and actually takes on a more humanoid form. He is powerful, but not fully revived at this moment.


Blue Cat’s actual name is Yuni

To cap off this episode, we learn a little more about Blue Cat. The perfume she uses to transform is actually for people of her race who have yet to master shapeshifting – the fact her ears and tail remain is a sign of her inexperience.
She also reveals that her actual name is Yuni.

This episode looked great; the action scenes seemed to be very well animated. That’s good, because this was also a great episode.
Its episodes like this that will only make me like Yuni more and more – she is a very strong contender to be my favourite Cure of this season of the franchise.
I’ll be keeping an eye on the dynamic between Yuni and Ayewan going forward, because it is possible that there could be something there. I mean, Cure Cosmo did save Ayewan from Darknest’s possession, after all.

It took a little while to find its stride, but Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure has been excellent as of late. I imagine things will calm down a bit, at least until PreCure are able to obtain the final three Princess Star Colour Pens.

Next time, Hikaru’s Dad comes back home.

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1 Response to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 21: Fierce Emotions

  1. OG-Man says:

    Yuni X Ayewan has to happen!

    Darknest’s corporal is an appropiate big bad body. Very cool.

    I am sure you went crazy for all the Cat puns and paw strikes.

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