Super Neptunia RPG Limited Edition Unboxing

IMG_20190628_134830I received a box. What’s inside the box? Well, I’m pretty sure that the title of this post has immediately given that away, so I’ll just skip the formalities and get straight into taking a look at the Super Neptunia RPG Limited Edition.
IMG_20190628_135122IMG_20190628_135157First up, the case of the game. It has a reversible cover sleeve, so I’ve included pictures that show both the front and what you can see inside when you open up the case. You’ll also notice that I’ve bought the Nintendo Switch version of Super Neptunia RPG – no alterations to any CG in this version.IMG_20190628_135407Next up we have a Puddingo Plushie. It’s a neat little thing, and is not entirely dissimilar from a beanbag. It’s cute.IMG_20190628_135742I wasn’t originally planning to buy the Limited Edition, but then I saw that it came with playing cards. I do like playing cards, and that was what pushed me over the edge. As you can see here, the aces, picture cards and jokers all feature art of the characters.IMG_20190628_140006There was also another box inside the box; more specifically, the Collector’s Box. This Collector’s Box has a neat little collection of items contained inside.IMG_20190628_140104The first item you’ll find in the Collector’s Box is the Steel Game Case. I’ve opened it here, so you can see both the front and back of the Case.IMG_20190628_140428IMG_20190628_140534IMG_20190628_140610Next, the Super Neptunia RPG Official Soundtrack. Two discs containing a total of forty-nine tracks from the game. A few of the titles of the songs are even references to other franchises, which makes sense considering the whole concept of Neptunia.IMG_20190628_140649IMG_20190628_140940Finally, we have the Sacred Tome of the Arts, which is just a fancy way of saying Art Book. It contains character art, background illustrations and animator’s notes. I’m used to seeing animator’s notes in Japanese, but they are English in the Sacred Tome of the Arts, so that’s neat. Also worth mentioning is that it is hardback cover book.

That covers all the items you’ll find in the Super Neptunia RPG Limited Edition. Whilst the Puddingo Plushie is quite nice, my favourite has to be the playing cards. Still some great quality items in this LE all round, though.
This is just one of (too) many games that will be keeping me occupied over the next month or so, and I look forward to seeing what Super Neptunia RPG has in store for me.

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  1. Those cards looked awesome!

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