Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 20: Rainbow Spectrum

After being off air for a week, Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure returns to our screens with its twentieth episode. It has been a long old wait for this particular episode, so let’s jump right in and see what it has to offer.

Fighting Blue Cat

Blue Cat fights PreCure

Previously, Blue Cat grabbed Fuwa and the Princess Star Colour Pens from Hikaru and the others and made a dash for it. However, Hikaru and company still have their Star Colour Pendants, so they are able to track down Blue Cat as well as transform. Blue Cat fights them for a bit before running again, but Cure Star pursues her.

Cure Star & Cure Star

Blue Cat disguises herself as Cure Star

Blue Cat disguises herself as Cure Star, which causes the other Cures to hesitate. She can’t get away from the real Star, though, and the pair start struggling when Blue Cat tries to throw another smoke bomb. It ends up detonating right in the face of one of the Rainbow residents, who are all still stone statues. Blue Cat stops fighting, and reveals her true self.

Blue Cat's true form

Blue Cat’s true form

Revealing what she truly looks like, Blue Cat explains to Cure Star and the others a bit about the planet Rainbow and how it was before the Notraiders showed up. After the incident caused by Ayewan, Blue Cat took on a variety of disguises in an attempt to gather information that could save her planet. That is how she learned of the Princess Star Colour Pens.

Monster of the Week

Ayewan transforms herself into a Notrigger

The conversation is cut short by the arrival of Kappard, and then Ayewan. Ayewan takes the lead and transforms herself into a Notrigger; she isn’t particularly happy about that whole Bakenyan thing.

PreCure protect Blue Cat

PreCure protect Blue Cat

Ayewan targets Blue Cat, but she is protected by PreCure. Blue Cat can’t quite fathom why PreCure would want to protect her, but that is exactly what they are doing. Unfortunately, Blue Cat proves to be a little too strong for Cure Star and the others, and they end up getting knocked out of their transformations.
That’s when Blue Cat steps foward, and makes it clear that she wants to save not only her people, but PreCure as well. Blue Cat’s desires are heard loud and clear, and she is gifted with a new transformation.

Blue Cat

Blue Cat has an excellent transformation sequence

Cure Cosmo

The rainbow spectrum shining across the galaxy! Cure Cosmo!

Blue Cat transforms into Cure Cosmo, bringing the total of Star ☆ Twinkle Cures up to five. This new power does not go unnoticed throughout the Starscape. Cure Cosmo gets to show off her strength by getting a couple of very solid hits in on Ayewan, but that is where this episode ends.

Had to wait a bit longer to see this episode, but I would definitely say it was worth it. I already really liked Blue Cat as a character, so I have absolutely zero complaints about her becoming Cure Cosmo.
I like the way that Mao, Bakenyan and her true self are all worked into the transformation sequence as well.
Cure Cosmo’s design is something that I am a fan of. That rainbow skirt looks great, and keeping her cat ears and tail is fine with me.
There is a very strong possibility that she will end up being my favourite Cure this season – it’s pretty close between her and Cure Milky as things currently stand.

Great episode, and an excellent debut for Cure Cosmo. Next time, we’ll get to see Cure Cosmo’s power.

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