Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 12: Welcome Back

In the twelfth episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel, Aine and Mio are returning back to Japan. Honey Cat and Reflect Moon decide to organise a surprise party for them, but things don’t go exactly as planned… ribbit.

Party Preparations

Maika, Sakuya, Kaguya and Ema discuss preparations for a surprise party

With Aine and Mio imminently due back in Japan, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon decide to hold a surprise party to welcome them back. Whilst they are able to talk about what they should do for it, work means that Honey Cat have to leave things in the hands of Reflect Moon for a little while. Fortunately, Sakuya and Kaguya will have a little help.

Karen, Wakaba & Mirai

Love Me Tear arrived back in Japan ahead of Pure Palette

Karen and Mirai are already back in Japan, but it is not Love Me Tear who will be lending Reflect Moon their aid. Instead, it is Wakaba; Reflect Moon will be joining Honey Cat for their work. Trouble is, Sakuya isn’t so good with meeting new people, and Kaguya doesn’t exactly know how to deal with having an underclassman. Fortunately, some advice from their manager sees them gaining some confidence when it comes to working with Wakaba.

Sakuya, Wakaba and Kaguya

Sakuya and Kaguya treat Wakaba like a sister

After overcoming their hesitations about working together Wakaba, the preparations for the surprise party go without a hitch. Well, that is right up until the following day, where Sakuya and Kaguya arrive at Star Harmony Academy and discover a surprise of their own.


Frogs everywhere

For some reason, loads of frogs just appear out of nowhere. The infestation of frogs at Star Harmony Academy means that the location of the party has to be changed – very last minute, considering it is on the day of Pure Palette’s arrival in Japan.


The countdown until the party begins

Its time for a montage as Honey Cat, Reflect Moon, Love Me Tear and a few other Star Harmony Academy students all rush around making the last minute preparations for the surprise party. As that all goes on, Aine and company touch down in Japan.

Back in Japan

Pure Palette and company are back in Japan

At the airport, Pure Palette and the others arrive back in Japan. They find Reflect Moon’s manager, Hariu, waiting for them outside the airport, who takes them to the venue of the surprise party.



Despite the last minute venue change, everything for the surprise party is prepared without a hitch. Aine and Mio are welcomed back with a bang, and that also includes a performance from Mirai.
Of course, Aine also introduces Alicia to everyone.

Reflect Moon

Reflect Moon

There is also a performance from Reflect Moon. With that, the episode ends.

This was a fun episode. Its great to see Honey Cat and Reflect Moon after quite a while, and they’re just as great as ever. Wakaba is doing good, too, and she worked well with Reflect Moon.
Do kind of wonder what caused the outbreak of frogs, but I suspect that is a question that will remain unanswered. Oh well.

With Pure Palette, as well as Hibiki and Alicia, now back in Japan, I guess the next big thing that we can expect to see is I Believe’s return to the stage. It will also be interesting to see what Alicia is like now she isn’t shouldering the burden of Solvette.

I hope we get at least one more Coco episode in this season – and one in which she actually gets to sing. She was robbed in the first season, hopefully this season will rectify that.

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