Thoughts on Eve and Eve

Eve and Eve is an anthology of yuri manga, written and illustrated by Nagashiro Rouge. It contains six different stories collected from Comic Yuri Hime and Yuri Pregnancies.
Eve and Eve contains mature content, and as such I will be discussing some of that in this post.
Seven Seas Entertainment licensed Eve and Eve for an English release.Eve and EveI Want to Leave Behind a Miraculous Love
Eve and Eve begins with a provocative story: a science fiction tale about the apocalypse, and two women who love each other through the rebirth of Earth and beyond. The Eve and Eve collection showcases six short stories by the up-and-coming creator Nagashiro Rouge, exploring the more intimate side of women loving women in different lives.

I shall be going through each of the six stories one by one, sharing my thoughts on each one in turn.

First up is I Want to Leave Behind a Miraculous Love, which focuses on the characters Sayu and Nika. There is a language barrier between them – Nika speaks Russian, but that doesn’t prevent the two girls from getting their feelings across to each other.
Their story takes place after the apocalypse, and that leads to Sayu worrying about what comes next. However, they happen to come across some alien technology that may just change all that.
In I Want to Leave Behind a Miraculous Love, I’m particularly enjoy that the two characters are able to express their love for each other even with a language barrier. It also gives a pretty good message of hope in what seems like a hopeless world.

The second story is The Case of Eko and Lisa, which is about a mangaka and the sexbot she bought to use as reference for her manga. This is my favourite of the six stories, because the premise is kind of absurd – and yet, I can imagine this kind of thing actually happening when AI gets advanced enough.
Eko originally brought Lisa as a prop, but when her editor asks her to write a yuri story, she starts to see the sexbot as more than that.

Third is Top or Bottom? The Showdown!, which is the shortest of the six stories. Two girls end up arguing about who would be the top or bottom in a relationship. It ends up turning into a competition, and they take the most direct route to see which is which.
It may be the shortest story, but this one is definitely amusing. Not much else to add here, so I’ll move on to story four.

An Infidelity Revisited is about two women having an affair with each other – and not for the first time. We’re never introduced to their actual partners, so its hard to feel sympathy for characters who exist solely for making their encounter what it is. My least favourite of the six stories, but I can imagine it would have its fans.

The penultimate story is Heir to the Curse, which is about a cursed girl who lives in a remote village. She invites a childhood friend back, for a very specific reason. I won’t go into much more detail to avoid spoiling the details of the plot, but I will say that things come pretty close to being non-consensual in this story.

Finally, Eternity 1 and 2: Eve and Eve. Two women, Eve and Eve, love each other so much that they seek to make their love eternal. This story offers up quite an interesting sci-fi twist, but perhaps having an eternal love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
Whilst The Case of Eko and Lisa is my favourite of the stories, Eternity 1 and 2: Eve and Eve might just be the most fascinating. Nagashiro Rouge describes is as a ‘dialogue on eternity and love’, and quite frankly, I can’t think of any better way to put it.

It seems like these stories all stand alone, but pay attention and you will see various things connecting them here and there. I noticed that ‘wasabi’ seemed to come up quite a bit throughout the stories.
Admittedly, some connections are more blatant than others. Either way, these connections give the stories a little something extra.

Providing you are fine with mature content, than Nagashiro Rouge’s Eve and Eve is something I strongly recommend for any yuri fan. The six different stories all offer something unique, and are well worth reading.

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