Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 11: Hotter and Fiercer

A blizzard threatens to completely freeze over all of the Principality of Solvette in episode 11 of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel. Aikatsu may just be the solution for the problem, but when Pure Palette, Love Me Tear and Hibiki are put out of action, somebody else will have to step up.

Mio & Aine

Mio and Aine find out they need to return to Japan soon

Everyone has been in the Principality of Solvette for a little while now, but Aine and Mio have a pressing matter that requires them to return to Japan soon. Sugar Melody and Material Colour are launching a joint collection, and of course they want Pure Palette to promote it.
Of course, their objective to have Alicia reform I Believe with Hibiki has not been met yet, but some of the townspeople (including Snowdan) arrive and ask for help getting Alicia’s smile back.

I Believe

Alicia always smiled when she was on stage

The people of Solvette mistakenly believe that Alicia despises Aikatsu. However, she just sealed it away in order to focus on the Principality of Solvette. Hibiki knows that the best way to restore Alicia’s smile is to get her to do Aikatsu once more, but first she needs to be convinced to unseal it.
Mio comes up with an idea that may just lead to Alicia finally unsealing her Aikatsu.

Pure Palette, Hibiki and Love Me Tear

Hibiki and company want to do their part for Solvette

Alicia receives a report of a blizzard threatening to completely freeze over Solvette, and the only way they can save the country is with Aikatsu. Apparently a prophesy states that a joint performance from Aine, Mio, Mirai, Karen and Hibiki will prevent Solvette from coming to any harm.
Alicia allows the performance, but the blizzard arrives much sooner than anyone was expecting.

Frozen Over

Alicia finds everyone frozen

Alicia goes outside to investigate, and discovers her people have frozen whilst they were preparing the stage for the performance that would save Solvette. She immediately rushes over to Hibiki, who manages to tell her that she needs to be the one to perform. Hibiki’s words convince Alicia, so she goes back to her room and unseals her Aikatsu.


The unrefined jewel Alicia kept locked away turns into an emerald

After sealing away her Aikatsu for so long, Alicia finally unlocks the box that contains everything to do with it. Her emerald springs to life, and Alicia finally returns to the stage.

Alicia Charlotte

Alicia during the dressing room sequence

Glorious Emerald Coord

Alicia’s Glorious Emerald Coord


Alicia’s smile

After her performance, Alicia is met by a rapturous applause. Mio apologises and says that the whole blizzard freezing everyone was a ruse. Hibiki tells Alicia that the best way to make the people of Solvette to smile is to smile at them.

Alicia hugs Hibiki

Hibiki and Alicia are finally back together

Alicia wants to do Aikatsu with Hibiki again, and can do so as her people want her to do Aikatsu again.
After all that, Alicia tells the girls a little more about the jewels, and how she turned to them when she was feeling desperate – she opened the chest that contained the jewels, and they were scattered throughout the world – and in one case, into space.

Pure Palette & Hibiki

Hibiki and Pure Palette

Finally, the time comes for Pure Palette and Hibiki to return to Japan – except this time around, they have one more person accompanying them. Alicia shall be going to Japan with the others.
Whilst Alicia focused on Solvette, Hibiki was honing her Aikatsu. As such, Alicia feels that she is currently not worthy to be Hibiki’s Friend, and wants to practice with Pure Palette so she can stand alongside Hibiki on the stage once more.

That wraps up this episode, and yay, Hibiki has got her girlfriend back! It was a gradual process, but Pure Palette, Love Me Tear and Hibiki herself were all able to give Alicia the push she needed to get back into Aikatsu.
We see the pay off of the time spent in Solvette here, but we haven’t quite finished with Hibiki and Alicia just yet. Alicia doesn’t feel like she can be considered Hibiki’s Friend just yet, so we’ll have to wait a little bit longer before we can get to see I Believe on stage.
I am fine with that; that gives us more time for more Hibiki x Alicia interactions.

That’s one more fantastic episode for Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel, and the next one looks like it’ll be an enjoyable one, as Reflect Moon look like they’ll be playing a major role.

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