Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 19: Planet Rainbow

Hikaru and company blast off into space once more in the nineteenth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, and this time their destination is the Planet Rainbow. We also learn a little more about Blue Cat in this episode.

Planet Rainbow

Planet Rainbow

The next Princess Star Colour Pen is located on the Planet Rainbow, so that is exactly where Hikaru and the others go on Lala’s rocket. It looks pretty when seen from the Starscape, but when they touch down they discover it is empty.


The people of Planet Rainbow had been turned to stone

It’s not long before Hikaru discovers what she thinks are people. However, closer investigation reveals that they are statues. More accurately, they are the people of Planet Rainbow turned to stone.
The search for the Princess Star Colour Pen leads the girls into a mine.


Blue Cat’s treasure

Inside the mine, they find more statues and the treasures that Blue Cat acquired from Dram. Mixed in with all the treasure is the next Princess Star Colour Pen. Before anyone can grab it, though, someone else shows up.

Bakenyan & Ayewan

Bakenyan and Ayewan

Ayewan was able to follow Hikaru and the others into the mine. She is accompanied by Bakenyan, and of course their object is to claim the Star Colour Pens. Hikaru and the others transform, and a fight ensues.

Ayewan's experimental Dark Pen

Ayewan reveals she was the one responsible for what happened to Planet Rainbow

During the fight, Ayewan reveals that she was the one who turned the people of Planet Rainbow to stone. A little while ago, she visited the planet with an experimental Dark Pen, which went awry. Whilst it devastated the planet, Ayewan retreated.

Ayewan grabs Fuwa

Ayewan threatens to turn Fuwa into a Notrigger

Ayewan manages to grab Fuwa, and threatens to turn her into a Notrigger. After all, she can’t use any of the locals as they are all statues. However, Bakenyan stops her, grabbing Fuwa and saying that Darknest’s orders are to capture Fuwa. However, Fuwa smells something familiar.

Blue Cat

Blue Cat reveals herself

Turns out that Bakenyan was actually Blue Cat in disguise. She infiltrated the enemy in an attempt to find a way to turn the people of Planet Rainbow back to normal. Ayewan is taken aback at this, but she soon gets it together and turns one of the random statues into a Notrigger.

Monster of the Week


By turning one of the statues into a Notrigger, Ayewan manages to prove something: that the people of Planet Rainbow are still very much alive. Ayewan has the Notrigger grab Blue Cat’s treasure, and makes a run for it. When Blue Cat pursues, the Notrigger attacks.

Milky protects Blue Cat

Cure Milky protects Blue Cat

Cure Milky leaps to Blue Cat’s defence, giving Cure Star, Cure Soleil and Cure Selene the opportunity to attack the enemy. Blue Cat also helps out with a flash bomb, giving Cure Milky the opportunity to claim the Gemini Princess Star Colour Pen. Milky powers up her Milky Shock with the Pen, and that provides the opportunity for PreCure to finish the battle.
The Notrigger is defeated, returning to being a statue. Ayewan retreats as well, of course.

Gemini Fuwa

Gemini Fuwa

With a new Princess Star Colour Pen, the time comes once again for PreCure to take a trip to the Star Palace where a new Star Princess is revived.

Gemini Star Princess

Gemini Star Princesses

Back on Planet Rainbow, Hikaru and Fuwa thank Blue Cat for saving Fuwa, and say that they will help her turn Planet Rainbow back to normal. Blue Cat turns down their offer. She does, however, throw a smoke bomb, grab Fuwa and all the Star Princess Colour Pens and leave.

Blue Cat & Fuwa

Blue Cat needs Fuwa and the Princess’ powers.

That brings this episode to an end.

This was an excellent episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure. I’m pretty sure plenty of people had already figured out that Bakenyan was actually Blue Cat, so that didn’t really come as a surprise.
However, we now know a bit more about Blue Cat’s history, and what her motives are. She appears to be reclaiming Planet Rainbow’s treasure – which was sold off by Ayewan – whilst seeking a way to return its people to normal. Blue Cat seeks to restore Planet Rainbow, and will resort to stealing if she can achieve that goal.
I liked Blue Cat when she first appeared, and knowing more about her now, I like her even more. She has been a great addition to the cast, and big things await her.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to see what is in store for Blue Cat, as Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is taking a break next week. Considering what will happen in the episode, I suspect the wait will be worth it.

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