Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 10: Pure Art

In the tenth episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel, Hibiki continues her efforts to get back together with Alicia. However, she is met with some resistance, but not from Alicia.

Honey Cattalk

A brief appearance by Honey Cat

Honey Cat get to make a brief appearance in this episode, as they interview Pure Palette on their Honey Cattalk show about what is happening in the Principality of Solvette.

Snow Sculptures

Snow sculptures

Of course, our main focus is on the girls in the Principality of Solvette, and Mirai and Hibiki end up having one of their competitions. This time they compete to see who can make the best snow sculpture. The winner? Karen.

Snowball Fight

Schnee joins Hibiki, Aine and Mio in a snowball fight

With an infinite amount of snow, it is decided that there’s no time like the present for a snowball fight. Love Me Tear will be taking on Hibiki and Pure Palette – Mirai and Karen are out for revenge after the Diamond Friends Cup.
Soon, almost every resident of the Principality of Solvette ends up joining in.


Hibiki knows what it is she must do now

Hibiki initially came to the Principality of Solvette to reform I Believe with Alicia. That changed after she learned about the circumstances surrounding Alicia and Solvette, so now she wants to make everyone smile again.

Blocked Stage

Snowdan declares a ban on Aikatsu

Hibiki goes to the stage in order to perform, but she finds it blocked by the knights of Solvette. Snowdan is convinced that Aikatsu is a frivolous activity that they shouldn’t engage with, especially as it brings pain to Alicia.

Alicia's Mother

Alicia’s mother

We get a flashback to the death of Alicia’s mother. She was surrounded by her family, and the last thing she said to Alicia was that she would need to bring back the smiles of the people of Solvette.
After her mother died, Alicia locked up all of her love for Aikatsu in a box, and threw away the key. She would focus on Solvette above all else from that point forward.


Alicia arrives

Back to the present day, and Alicia and Charles arrive at the stage. Alicia tells Snowdan to stand down; she hasn’t put any ban on Aikatsu into effect. She then turns to Hibiki and tells her to show what her Aikatsu can do.

Hibiki Tenshou

Hibiki is happy to be able to share her Aikatsu

Now she is able to get to the stage, Hibiki takes to the stage. Of course, she wears her Jeweling Dress, the Heavenly Ruby Coord. After her performance, even Snowdan is able to realise just how great Aikatsu is.

Show me your smile

Hibiki wants to see Alicia’s smile

Hibiki’s performance brought smiles to the people of Solvette, and now it is Alicia she wants to smile next. Also, Charles has a surprise for Alicia; he managed to dig up the key she had thrown away.

Well, would you look at that: yet another fantastic episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel. The ice around Alicia’s heart is gradually thawing, and Hibiki is moving ever closer to getting back together with her.
We also saw the tragic circumstances of Alicia’s past, which has given a better understanding as to why she is so set on Solvette at the expense of everything else. She wants to fulfil her mother’s dying wish.
Hibiki is proving to her that Aikatsu is the answer to that – presumably Alicia being away from her mother led to her feeling some kind of guilt, which is why she gave up on Aikatsu in the first place.

This first cour of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel has been stellar, and I suspect that will only continue to be the case. I Believe’s reunion can’t be that far off now, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing what Hibiki and Alicia are capable of when they are together. After all, I Believe are one of the few Friends capable of competing equally with Love Me Tear.

Next time, a blizzard threatens to freeze everyone over. Perhaps that will be the catalyst for Alicia to return to Aikatsu.


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