Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 9: Evol Ustakia

In the ninth episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel, Hibiki continues her efforts to get back together with Alicia. A pair of familiar faces stop by to lend their aid alongside Pure Palette, too.

Love Me Tear

Karen and Mirai arrive in the Principality of Solvette

This episode kicks off with the arrival of Love Me Tear, and Hibiki greets Mirai in the way only she can.

Mirai and Hibiki Curling

Nothing like some curling to greet a friend

After some impromptu curling, Mirai and Karen tell Hibiki they have come to help her get back together with Alicia. Pure Palette, Love Me Tear and Hibiki invite some of the local kids to do Aikatsu with them, but they have to stop off at the castle beforehand.


Alicia does not want to do Aikatsu

Pure Palette, Love Me Tear and Hibiki have an audience with Alicia. Mirai is totally honest and says that they have come to try and get I Believe back together, because they are a friend and a rival to Love Me Tear. However, Alicia says that she doesn’t want to do Aikatsu.


The penalty for saying ‘Aikatsu’

After seeing Alicia, the girls go back and try to get the kids doing Aikatsu. However, they want nothing to do with it, so Mirai comes up with a game. She bans the word ‘Aikatsu’, and administers a penalty to anyone who says it – as Aine quickly finds out.

Evol Ustakia

The girls do some ‘Evol Ustakia’

Instead of doing Aikatsu, the girls instead do ‘Evol Ustakia’ – which is just Aikatsu, but with a different word. Still, this is enough to get the people of Solvette interested and participating along with them.

Alicia & Charles

Alicia and Charles investigate the reports of ‘Evol Ustakia’

Reports of ‘Evol Ustakia’ reach Alicia, who decides to go and investigate. Her arrival doesn’t go unnoticed, and so Mirai takes to the stage. She has a surprise in store.

Mirai Joker Garnet Coord

Mirai’s Joker Garnet Coord

Mirai has the Garnet Jeweling Dress, and her performance brings smiles to the people of Solvette. However, when Alicia steps forward and reveals that what everyone has been doing is Aikatsu and not ‘Evol Ustakia’, her people are pretty shocked.
Alicia is a caring princess, and her people love her. As Aikatsu seems to upset her, her people didn’t want to do it.

Hibiki's resolve

Hibiki resolves to bring smiles back to the people of Solvette – including Alicia

It is at this point that Hibiki now realises what it is she must do. She is going to get the people of the Principality of Solvette smiling again. Most importantly, she is going to bring back Alicia’s smile.

Hibiki & Alicia

Hibiki tells Alicia she wants to help make her people smile again

During the evening, Alicia visits Hibiki and asks about the Jeweling Dresses. Hibiki tells her about them, but the most important thing she has to say is that she wants to help Alicia.


“Upon my honour, I will change the world for you.”

What a way to end the episode. Hibiki is such a fantastic character, and I have no doubt that introducing her was one of the best things that this second of Aikatsu Friends! has done.
Mirai was great in this episode as well, but that is pretty much what I have come to expect of her. I do wonder for how long she has had the Joker Garnet Coord in her possession – presumably she obtained it around the same time Hibiki received her Jeweling Dress.
Mirai and Hibiki’s rivalry is still a lot of fun; it’ll be interesting to see if that dynamic carries across to Love Me Tear and I Believe.

Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel continues to be fantastic. I feel like I’ve been repeating that kind of sentiment every week, but that just goes to show how good it has been. Hibiki is moving closer to her goal of getting back together with Alicia, slowly but surely.

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