Thoughts on Forbidden Scrollery Volume 5

Strange things are afoot in Gensokyo once again – then again, there’s always something odd happening in Genokyo. Either way, Kosuzu, Reimu and Marisa get involved in these strange events in the fifth volume of Forbidden Scrollery.
This volume contains chapters thirty through to thirty-seven.

Forbidden Scrollery Volume 5

Front cover of the fifth volume of Forbidden Scrollery, featuring Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Suzunaan is making a killing from humans and demons alike, and Kosuzu is there as always to watch over the shop and secure some sales. But her insatiable curiosity about the unknown draws her ever closer to the bizarre rumours spreading throughout Gensokyo – and she’s not the only one getting involved! Reimu, Marisa, and the other regulars are familiar faces, but where are all these never-before-seen characters coming from?!

If there’s one theme that unites all the chapters in this volume, it would be rumours. Things like people dying after hearing a certain story to rumours of the end of the world have got the humans of Gensokyo in a panic.
The unknown is what is causing the fear amongst the humans, and as such the culprit behind at least one of the rumours is a certain ‘unidentified unknown X’, who appears in the 12th Touhou game, Undefined Fantastic Object.

Another character making her debut in this volume of Forbidden Scrollery (I think, it’s possible she may have had a cameo before) is Aya Shameimaru. She is pretty much Gensokyo’s resident journalist, and even convinces Kosuzu to stock the Bunbunmaru Newspaper.
We also get to see Aya disguised as a human; in this case, she is wearing a suit. She looks good, and it is nice to see a departure from her typical outfit.

Aya’s introduction into Forbidden Scrollery also brings along with it the reveal that there are different factions of youkai wanting to take control of the Human Village – not to harm the humans in anyway, but to keep them safe. Apparently the worst case scenario would to have a human ruling over the Human Village.
Aya has no qualms about sharing that information with the likes of Reimu and Marisa, because that is just how tengu are.

Mamizou is also active within the human village, and during this volume she drops a hint about the person responsible for spreading all the rumours. An independent youkai unaffiliated with anything.

Whilst the previous volumes of Forbidden Scrollery have been interesting in their own right, I feel like this fifth volume is where things have really started to pick up. We get the rumours, the hidden tensions between the youkai factions and Mamizou shuddering in fear of an independent youkai. Things are certainly getting interesting at this point.

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