Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 17: Space Treasures

Episode seventeen of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure has PreCure return to the Planet Zenny in search of the next Princess Star Colour Pen, where a certain space thief also appears again.

Blue Cat

Blue Cat is back

PreCure touch down on Planet Zenny, where they quickly encounter Blue Cat. Blue Cat knows that they are going after the Princess Star Colour Pen, and asks to team up with them. The Pen is located in Drams’ mansion, as too is a lot of treasure.

Blue Cat and PreCure

Blue Cat with PreCure

Puruns adamantly refuses to team up with Blue Cat, also dropping a lot of Mao merchandise in the process. Either way, the girls think it would be better if they attempt to negotiate with Drams first.


Drams suggests a game to decide who gets the Princess Star Colour Pens

Drams isn’t exactly up for negotiating, and instead has PreCure play a game – with the winner getting their hands on all the Princess Star Colour Pens. The girls have no intention of agreeing, but Drams forces them into his game anyway.


Mao asks Puruns to help

Puruns still refuses to cooperate with Blue Cat, but that changes when she transforms into Mao and asks him for a favour.


Elena puts her athletic abilities to use

The first trap that they have to deal with is a laser that fires whenever a sensor at a certain height is triggered. Blue Cat has Elena run around the room, so the laser fires at her. That gives Blue Cat the opportunity to dismantle the trap, and everyone is able to move on.

Dragon Corps

The Dragon Corps

Next, PreCure come face to face with the Dragon Corps: a group of elite warriors. Since they refuse to transform and fight against people doing their jobs, they just choose to make a run for it. Some trickery from Blue Cat gives them a respite, but the girls end up venturing into a room with what might be an even more dangerous foe.

Space Cerberus

Space Cerberus

They come face to face with a space Cerberus, which even the Dragon Corps fear. This is a foe that the girls are willing to transform to fight, or at least they would if they weren’t frozen in fear. Oh, except one of them.


Hikaru tames the space Cerberus

Hikaru is reminded of her own dog Yeti, and has absolutely zero qualms about jumping onto the Cerberus and rubbing its belly. Everyone is pretty dumbfounded that Hikaru is able to tame the beast so easily.

Blue Cat & Cure Star

Blue Cat and Cure Star

The group arrives in Drams’ treasure room, where Blue Cat starts gathering up treasure – including items from the destroyed Planet Rainbow. However, Drams refuses to give up his treasure, and opts to destroy it instead. Hikaru and the others transform into PreCure to stop him, but they soon have to face another threat.


Kappard appears

Kappard shows up, and uses Drams’ imagination to power up his weapon. He goes after the Princess Star Colour Pen. Cure Star and Cure Soleil focus on him, whilst Cure Milky and Cure Selene deal with the Notreys.

Cure Star uppercut


Kappard grabs the Princess Star Colour Pen, but some interference from Blue Cat allows Cure Star to knock it away from him. Cure Soleil catches the Pen, and is able to power up her attack. PreCure then unite for their finishing move, sending the enemy retreating.
After the battle, Drams is happy to give up his treasure – particularly the Pen, as that means that the Notraiders won’t keep coming back.

Virgo Fuwa

Virgo Fuwa

Virgo Star Princess

Virgo Star Princess

Afterwards, PreCure revive the Virgo Star Princess. They now only have five Princess Star Colour Pens to go, one of which is still in the enemy’s possession.

PreCure Dragon Corps

Drams welcomes PreCure into the Dragon Corps

Blue Cat pretty much tells Drams that he can have PreCure become part of the Dragon Corps, so that is exactly what he arranges. However, the girls have their own commitments, though they do promise to return should something really bad happen.
We end with Blue Cat lamenting not getting the Pen, but saying that she will have the last laugh next time.

I really like Blue Cat, so I am certainly happy to see her back once again. This episode was also a lot of fun; Blue Cat is quickly becoming a favourite character of mine.
Lots of really fun silly moments here, from Puruns being a Mao mega-fan to Hikaru taming the space Cerberus, and plenty of others besides.

Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure has been a lot of fun so far, and things have just got even better with Blue Cat’s addition. I’m glad she is a recurring character, but maybe, just maybe, she’ll end up becoming part of the main cast. I’m sure we’ll have an answer to that in a few weeks’ time.

Next time involves Hikaru’s Mum and manga.

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