Thoughts on Splatoon Volume 5

The semifinals of the Square King Cup take place in the fifth volume of the Splatoon manga, with some fierce competition between the four teams that are fighting it out to make it into the final.
This volume contains chapters sixteen through to nineteen of the story, as well as one bonus chapter.

Splatoon Volume 5

Front cover of the fifth volume of the Splatoon manga, featuring Emperor

It’s the Square King Cup Semifinals! Rider’s Team Yellow-Green takes on the team of the undisputed champion, Emperor. Then, Team Blue battles Team Gloves! Who will make it to the final match?! Plus, a bonus story featuring the very first Team Blue meeting!

Volume five of Splatoon splits its focus between two battles. First up is Team Yellow-Green vs. Team Emperor.
This particular battle shows just how much Rider has changed since his first match against Team Blue, as well as being the first time we actually get to see Team Emperor in action.
It’s actually quite a thrilling battle.

The second battle this manga gives us is Team Blue vs. Team Gloves. It is standard procedure for Team Blue, who perform in their usual ridiculous manner. The first match of the semifinals is more serious in tone, whereas this one has plenty of moments that genuinely had me laughing.
The naked Inkling gag has long run its course, though. Sankichi Hinodeya doesn’t seem to have any intention of letting that one go anytime soon…
Besides that, Team Blue deliver the ridiculous humour that is expected of them.

The bonus story is worth mentioning, as it is a rare opportunity to see young Inklings interacting with each other – at a time before they’ve fully developed their humanoid forms.

Splatoon‘s fifth volume is a pretty decent read. The semifinals provide some thrilling matches, and Team Blue are operating at full ridiculousness when their turn comes around. Still wish Pearl and Marina had more to do than commentating, though…

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