Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 7: Travel Preparations

When going abroad, it is important to make the necessary preparations before travelling. Episode seven of Aikatsu Friends! focuses on Aine preparing for her journey to the Principality of Solvette.

Mio, Ema, Aine and Maika

Pure Palette ask Honey Cat about travelling abroad

With Pure Palette’s trip to the Principality of Solvette coming up, Aine and Mio decide to ask Honey Cat for some advice about travelling abroad. After all, Honey Cat had their world tour before, so they they have experience of travelling.

Sakuya, Kaguya and Hibiki

Hibiki visits Reflect Moon

Hibiki goes to visit Reflect Moon. Sakuya offers to perform a divination for her regarding the reunion with Alicia, but Hibiki refuses. Kaguya understands; she knows very well the feeling of knowing that only one person in the entire world can be her Friend. As such, Kaguya offers her support.

Aine & Mio

Aine forgets the most important thing for travelling abroad

Pure Palette and Honey Cat go on a shopping trip to ensure that Aine has everything she needs before setting off. There is one final item that she lacks, though: a passport.

Lovely Friends

Hibiki’s Lovely Friends are touched when she gives them time off to prepare for their trip

Aine's preparations

Aine’s family pitch in with a whole bunch of different items for her journey

Preparations for travelling to the Principality of Solvette continue. Aine has a live show before she goes, so she can say farewell to her fans. Hibiki also attends the show, and is able to feel the love that Aine’s fans have for her.


Aine’s departure

Finally, the time comes for Pure Palette and Hibiki to get on a plane and jet over to the Principality of Solvette. They are accompanied by Tamaki and the Lovely Friends, of course.

Another enjoyable episode of Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel. Whilst it might not have quite had the same impact as previous ones, it is leading into Hibiki and company arriving at the Principality of Solvette, and getting us ever closer to seeing the reunion of I Believe.

This episode gave us some amusing moments, and we also got a really nice Reflect Moon moment. I don’t have much more to add.

Next time, the girls arrive at the Principality of Solvette.

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