Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 16: National Archery Girls Tournament

The sixteenth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure puts Madoka in the spotlight once again. This time around, she is participating in a national archery tournament.

Madoka Archery

Madoka conquered fierce competition in the preliminaries

The main event in this episode is the aforementioned archery competition. Madoka is pretty keen to win it for the sake of her father, who seems to have become somewhat obsessed with his research into aliens.Venus of Mihoshi Middle SchoolSince Madoka is doing a thing, that means that Sakurako Himenojo is present. If Elena is the sun of Mihoshi, and Madoka is the moon, that makes Sakurako the Venus.

Yumika Nasu

One of the standout competitors, Yumika Nasu

Madoka is more or less a prodigy when it comes to archery, but there is another girl who is able to perform at Madoka’s level. She is Yumika Nasu. She’s a solitary type, and believes that friends are just distractions.
Madoka and Yumika are equals when the competition starts, so they end up having to face each other in a deciding round.

Monster of the Week

Yumika Notrigger

During a break in the competition, Hikaru, Lala and Elena make lucky charms for Madoka before sitting down and eating lunch with her. Yumika, on the other hand, becomes a target for Ayewan.

Cure Selene

Cure Selene wants to face Yumika in the deciding match

Cure Star and the others fight the Notrigger. Cure Selene does not take kindly to hearing Yumika called her ‘enemy’, and she makes sure to let Ayewan know. With the power of Sagittarius, Selene gives PreCure the opening they need to finish the fight.
Yumika is returned to normal, whilst Ayewan and Bakenyan make a hasty retreat.

Yumika & Madoka

Results of the competition

Madoka and Yumika face off in the deciding round of the competition, and it eventually reaches an end. As too, does this episode.

This was an enjoyable Madoka episode. She got to do her thing whilst being supported by her friends.
Actually, it seems that Madoka is picking up quite a few rivals lately. Firstly there’s self-proclaimed rival Sakurako Himenojo, and then she had a thing with Blue Cat. Now there is Yumika Nasu. Madoka seems to be quite popular.

There isn’t really much more that can be said about this episode. It done its job, and it done it in a decent enough manner. I do hope that we get to see Yumika Nasu again at some point.

Next time, the girls return to Planet Zenny where Blue Cat has a heist planned. Needless to say, I am looking forward to seeing Blue Cat again.

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