Thoughts on Yuri Is My Job! Volume 1

Yuri Is My Job! is a yuri manga written and illustrated by Miman. It was first serialised in Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime on November 18th 2016. Kodansha Comics licensed the English release – it was Kodansha Comics’ debut into publishing yuri manga.
This first volume contains chapters one through to six, as well as one bonus chapter.

Yuri Is My Job! Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of Yuri Is My Job!, featuring Ayanokouji and Hime

Hime is a picture-perfect high school princess – she’s admired by all and never trips up! So when she accidentally injures a café manager named Mai, she’s willing to cover some shifts to keep her façade intact. To Hime’ surprise, the café is themed after a private school where the all-female staff always puts on their best act for their loyal customers. HOwever, under the guidance of the most graceful girl there, she can’t help but blush and blunder! Beneath all the frills and laughter, Hime feels tension brewing as she finds out more about her new job and budding feelings…

Yuri Is My Job! introduces us to Hime Shiraki, a girl who is adored by absolutely everyone. Turns out that is all an act, though, as what she ultimately wants out of life is to be a trophy wife – money over love.
Thus Hime puts up a façade, but that soon begins to crumble when she ends up being dragged into working part time at Café Liebe Girls Academy.

The theme of the café is an all-girls school, exactly like the kind of place you would expect from the Class S genre. All the girls behave like they have come from straight out of shoujo manga.
Except that is a façade as well. It is due to this that Yuri Is My Job! offers a parody of typical yuri tropes, particularly Class S.
Most notably is the whole ‘Schwestern’ thing – a close sisterly relationship formed between upper- and under-classmen. Hime ends up becoming Schwestern with the “gentle senpai” Ayanokouji.
However, when Ayanokouji reveals her true colours, she is anything but gentle. She seems to particularly pick on Hime, though the reason behind that is revealed at the end of this volume.

Yuri Is My Job! has plenty of funny moments. The comedy present is decent, and I certainly found myself laughing as I read through it. There is some drama present, but this first volume puts more emphasis on comedy than anything else.

I really enjoyed this introduction to Miman’s Yuri Is My Job!. It was a fun read, with plenty of yuri tropes on display – whether they are played straight or parodied. With Ayanokouji’s revelation at the end of this volume, I am particularly eager to see where the story goes next.

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