Thoughts on Splatoon Volume 3

The third volume of the Splatoon manga once again takes us back to Inkopolis, where the Inklings continue to have their Turf Wars. However, this volume also gives us an adaptation of Splatoon‘s story mode, and introduces various elements from Splatoon 2.
This volume contains chapters eight through to eleven of the Splatoon manga, as well as a bonus chapter.

Splatoon Volume 3

Cover of the third volume of the Splatoon manga, featuring Goggles and Gloves

Ink still fresh from their victories against the S4, Team Blue’s Inklings find themselves in even more trouble! Goggles and Rider must stop an evil subterranean plot, and a new Inkling joins the team. New weapons, new foes, and new friends enter the splatfield as Team Blue prepares for its toughest challenge yet: the Square King Cup!

The first two chapters in this volume focus on Goggles and Rider, who end up getting involved in the fight against the Octarians. This arc is based off of the single player story campaign from the first Splatoon game, condensed down so it can fit into just two chapters.
Goggles continues to be as ridiculous as ever, which leads to some funny moments during the battles against the Octarians. Whilst the foes may have changed, the overall tone of the manga is still the same as it was during the previous chapters.

Following the fight against the Octarians, elements from Splatoon 2 are introduced into the manga. New character Gloves makes his debut, along with the Splat Dualies. Team Blue have to adjust to new weapons, items and locations, but that doesn’t stop them from being as ridiculous as usual.
This leads up to the Square King Cup, which is the next challenge that Team Blue will face. It seems that the ultimate challenge is an Inkling known as ‘The Emperor’, but that’s all the information that is divulged for the time being.

The bonus chapter is a team meeting, which the S4 are also present for. There isn’t much strategy talk going on during said meeting, though…

The Splatoon manga continues to be an enjoyable read, though there are a couple of jokes that have been repeated to the point of becoming stale. That’s only a minor thing though; the rest of the humour is decent enough.
It’s also nice to finally see elements from Splatoon 2 make their way into the manga. That lays the groundwork for what Team Blue are working towards next.
With the first Splatoon‘s story mode being adapted for the manga, I can only assume we will see adaptations for Splatoon 2‘s story mode and the Octo Expansion later on. Before that though, there is the small matter of the Square King Cup.

The third volume of the Splatoon manga is a fun read, though I suspect those familiar with the games will get more out of it than those who are not.

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