Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 14: Family Full of Smiles

The fourteenth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure quite simply focuses on Elena’s family. However, one of her younger siblings doesn’t seem to be too fond of them.

Amamiya Family

Elena’s family

This episode pretty much starts with Hikaru, Lala and Madoka meeting Elena’s family. This episode confirms that Elena’s Dad is Mexican, and her Mum is an interpreter. The two met whilst Elena’s Mum was in Mexico, and they went on to have quite a large family.


Touma doesn’t join in with his family’s dancing

Whilst most of the family are happy to dance around, one of them is not. That is Touma, the first of Elena’s younger siblings. He doesn’t think his family is normal, and that isn’t helped by one of his friends calling his parents weird when they were dancing and holding hands.
At one point Touma gets angry enough to run away. Lala ends up finding him, and it isn’t long before trouble finds them both in the form of Tenjou – with a new Princess Star Colour Pen.

Monster of the Week

Tenjou turns Touma into the monster of the week

Touma is made into a Notrigger, and Tenjou does a ‘Make my monster grow!’ bit. The other girls arrive, and it is time for PreCure to do their usual thing.

Cure Soleil

Cure Soleil admits she thought her family was odd when she was younger

During the battle, Cure Soleil is able to get through to Touma. With a little help from Cure Star, she is able to get the Scorpio Princess Star Colour Pen from Tenjou. PreCure defeat the Notrigger, returning Touma to normal.

Scorpio Fuwa

Scorpio Fuwa

Tenjou retreats after losing the Princess Star Colour Pen. With the Scorpio Princess Star Colour Pen now in their possession, one more Star Princess is awakened.

Scorpio Princess

Scorpio Princess

After the whole princess awakening process, PreCure return to Earth. Touma wakes and apologises for his actions earlier, and seems to be more accepting of his family now. All’s well that ends well.

Well, this was certainly an episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure. I don’t particularly have all that much to say about it; it done its job. We got to learn a bit more about Elena’s family, and er… well, that was pretty much it.
Not a bad episode, but there have been others that have stood out much more.

Next episode certainly looks like it has potential, though.

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