Thoughts on Forbidden Scrollery Volume 4

The fourth volume of Forbidden Scrollery takes us back into the world of Touhou – Gensokyo, naturally – as Kosuzu Motoori continues to run her little book rental shop Suzunaan. Being in Gensokyo naturally means that there are going to be a few incidents here and there.
This volume of Forbidden Scrollery contains chapters twenty-two through to twenty-nine.

Forbidden Scrollery Volume 4

Front cover of the fourth volume of Forbidden Scrollery, featuring Akyu Hieda

The poster child for book rental shop Suzunaan, Kosuzu today is brimming with curiosity for all things demonic… In other words, it’s a day just like any other! From a string of dine-and-dash incidents and unfailingly accurate fortune-telling to the mysteries of Kokkuri-san and a hidden print-on-demand scheme, life in Gensokyo is never boring when Kosuzu is involved!

Kosuzu serves as the main character of Forbidden Scrollery, but she has a few notable characters watching over her. Of course, Reimu Hakurei is ready to exterminate any youkai should things get too bad, and Marisa Kirisame tends to be with her quite often, too.
Akyu Hieda is another character who watches over Kosuzu. Akyu’s role is to record Gensokyo’s history, and Kosuzu just happens to be part of that – or maybe digs up parts of that. On the subject of Akyu, having her name as ‘Akyu Hiedano’ still just feels wrong – the ‘no’ part does not need to be there. In fact, Akyu refers to her family as the ‘Hieda’ family in this volume. She is mostly referred to as Akyu, though, so it’s not like it is a huge problem.
Finally, Mamizou Futatsuiwa also seems to be quite interested in Kosuzu, as well as providing her a fair few new books to rent out
Reimu, Akyu and Mamizou all feel like they have more to do than in previous volumes, since there are a few small incidents that need tidying up.

A couple of other notable characters that show up are Sanae Kochiya and Rinnosuke Morichika. Their contributions to their respective chapters are fairly entertaining.

Forbidden Scrollery continues to tell the every day tales that happen in Gensokyo – tales that tend to be fantastical due to the nature of Gensokyo. It’s a fun read, though only for fans of Touhou. Those who are unfamiliar with the franchise will find plenty to be scratching their heads about.
Then again, if you’ve invested in four volumes of Forbidden Scrollery, you probably are quite well-versed in Touhou‘s lore.

So overall, an enjoyable read with some neat funny moments to keep things interesting. The heavy use of Japanese folklore is also something that I can appreciate quite a bit, too.

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