Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 13: World of Things Unknown

The thirteenth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure has a simple premise; it is Lala’s first day at school. There’s nothing else that needs to be said here, so I’ll just jump right into the episode.

Lala & Hikaru

Lala’s first day of school

With Lala officially being allowed to live on Earth now, there is something that she wants to do: go to school. The director from the previous episode is able to get her enrolled at the same school that the other girls attend, and it isn’t long before she is causing quite the stir. It seems somewhat odd that a transfer student would quickly befriend the sun and moon of Mihoshi Middle School.

Shocked Lala

Lala is shocked to discover that Hikaru (and other Earthlings) can calculate two digit figures

As you would expect from an alien attending school for the first time, Lala ends up standing out quite a bit. Her verbal tic doesn’t exactly help matters, either. The day doesn’t end particularly well for Lala, who runs straight home and hides out in her room.

Proper Greeting

Lala surprises the others with a proper greeting, as well as attempting to drop her verbal tic

For Lala’s second day of school, she brings the glove that lets her communicate with her rocket’s AI along with her – whereas humans study in schools, everyone on Lala’s home planet got what they needed thanks to AI. This leads to Lala acting very out of character, even stopping herself from using her “-lun” verbal tic.

Puruns, Lala, Elena, Hikaru, Madoka & Fuwa

Hikaru brings Lala to the school on their day off

With Lala acting strangely, Hikaru decides to ask Elena and Madoka a favour. The following day, the three girls bring Lala to school despite having a day off. Hikaru pretty much tells Lala that she doesn’t have to be like everyone else; she is absolutely fine just being herself. Lala realises this, but their happy moment is cut short.


Kappard’s weapon was powered up

Kappard and the Notreys appear, still very keen on getting their hands on the Star Colour Pens. Hikaru and the others transform, but during the fight Kappard is able to power up his weapon and cause some damage to the school grounds.

Cure Milky

Cure Milky swears to protect the school

Cure Milky is not pleased about the school getting damage, so she swears to protect it. Together, PreCure do their usual thing and drive away their foe, returning Kappard’s weapon to its normal state in the process.

Hikaru & Lala

Hikaru and Lala ready for a new day of school

When Lala returns to the school on the following day, she is back to being herself. She even picks up a nickname from the other students: “Lun”, due to her verbal tic-lun. She and Hikaru go to class hand-in-hand, ready for their class duty.

This was a fun episode, which only made me like Lala even more. It was some pretty typical fish out of water stuff, but the fact that Lala is the focus is exactly why I was sold on it.
I’m sure the other girls will all have their moments in the future, but for the time being Lala pretty much has number one spot as my favourite Star ☆ Twinkle girl.

Whilst this was an enjoyable Lala episode, I feel like overall it wasn’t quite as good as episode 12. Ups and downs are inevitable in a show that will have around fifty episodes though, and it wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy this one.

Next time, we getting an Elena episode – more specifically, one that will focus on her family.

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