Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 12: Movie Magic

In the twelfth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, the girls make a movie. They also face the prospect of having to say farewell to Lala.

Director PP Abraham

Director P.P. Abraham

This episode picks up directly from where the previous one left off, with Madoka’s father discovering the girls at the scene of another UFO sighting. However, someone appears and claims that everything he has seen is movie magic – Hikaru recognises the person as film director P.P. Abraham.
Hikaru claims that she and the other girls will be starring in a film. Not quite what P.P. Abraham had planned, but receiving permission from the Prime Minister to film doesn’t really leave him with much choice.


The director is actually an alien; a Miniturian

The director goes to Lala’s rocket, where they talk. He reveals himself to actually be a Miniturian, and the film director disguise pretty much arose from an obsession with Hollywood. He quickly turns his attention to Lala, Fuwa and Puruns, though, telling them that they have violated space laws by letting themselves be known on Earth. The punishment for that is being sent back to their native world.

Elena, Hikaru, Fuwa, Lala, Madoka and Puruns

Hikaru asks the director to overlook the aliens being on Earth if the film does well

There’s still the small matter of the film that the director will be shooting, and Hikaru immediately latches on to that. They’ll give the director the performance he wants, and if the film does well enough he’ll overlook Lala, Fuwa and Puruns being on Earth.

Kunoichi Hoshikage

Hikaru Hoshina as Kunoichi Hoshikage

Heavenly Maiden Hagoromo

Lala as heavenly maiden Hagoromo

Solar Prince

Elena Amamiya as the Solar Prince

Moon Princess

Madoka Kaguya as the Moon Princess

Hikaru, Lala, Elena and Madoka get prepared, and this filming for The Legend of Hagoromo: Ninja-Yokai Space Wars The Movie begins. It does not go well.
Hikaru’s delivery is flat, Lala’s nerves get the better of her, and Madoka ends up reciting the whole script, rather than just her own lines. Elena is the only one who manages to give an actually decent performance.

Hikaru and Lala

Hikaru and Lala, ready for the final scene of the film

Moving on, the time comes to film the final scene. In the scene, the heavenly maiden dons the raiment and returns to space, with the others saying farewell. The director calls it the most important scene in the film, and practically begs the girls to stick to the script.

Hikaru & Lala

Hikaru and Lala stray from the script, delivering an even more emotional scene

Hikaru just can’t bring herself to say goodbye to Lala, and says that she wants to be with her forever. Lala feels the same way, and the exchange between the pair brings Fuwa, Puruns and even the Miniturian to tears. The crew ask if they should cut, but the director insists that they keep filming.
Unfortunately, that scene ends up getting cut short as the girls’ duty as PreCure calls.

Monster of the Week


Ayewan has arrived on Earth, and she uses a powered up Dark Pen to turn P.P. Abraham into a Notrigger. Hikaru and the others transform, but quickly discover that their foe is even more powerful than the ones they have fought before.


PreCure show their foes the endgame

Star, Milky, Soleil and Selene end up getting captured, and Ayewan implies that making films is pointless. It is Puruns that gives PreCure the strength to fight back, stating that their emotions are real, and the friendship touched everyone’s hearts. PreCure break free, and are able to defeat their foe.

Madoka, HIkaru, Fuwa, Lala and Elena

Hikaru suggests an Earth name for Lala: Lala Hagoromo

After the battle, the girls apologise for running off when they did. It seems like Lala will be forced to return to her home planet after all, but the director had a change of heart after witnessing Hikaru and Lala’s emotional performance. He does tell Lala that she will
need a name from the planet she is staying on, though.
Hikaru suggests she goes with Lala Hagoromo – after all, Hagoromo was the name of the character Lala played during their film. Lala loves it, and we end on a fairly happy note.

This episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure was a very good one. Overall it was just fun to watch. Naturally, the highlight of this episode has to be Hikaru and Lala saying that they want to be with each other forever. A scene that touched the hearts of everyone who was watching, and was a much better way for the film to end than what the script said.

Though it does leave me wondering if we’ll end up seeing another similar scene towards the end of this season – PreCure sure does seem to love having two characters from different worlds (or times, or whatever) departing with some very emotional scenes.
I guess that’s something to worry about when the end of the season comes; we are still a long way off of that at the moment.

This was a wonderful episode, and I’m happy to see Hikaru and Lala’s bond become even stronger. Next time, Lala goes to school.

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