Thoughts on Harukana Receive Volume 3

Nyoijizai’s beach volleyball manga continues with its third volume. A new, yet somehow familiar, girl shows up, followed by a look into Kanata’s past and how she and Narumi originally got into beach volleyball.
The third volume of Harukana Receive contains chapters fourteen through to nineteen.

Harukana Receive Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of Harukana Receive, featuring Claire Thomas

Old friends, fierce rivals
Kanata and Narumi used to be not only best buds but also teammates, working together to go from beach volleyball newbies to champions. But now the two girls barely even talk. Haruka doesn’t know what happened between the two of them, but she’s determined to help Kanata mend things with her old partner.

She appeared briefly at the end of the previous volume of Harukana Receive, but here is where Akari Oshiro makes her debut into the series proper. Her dream of becoming a famous idol leads her to the beach volleyball club, which she is eager to join. Not particularly to play beach volleyball though; mostly in an attempt to become more popular.
Akari’s a great character, not just because of that one advert she happened to star in. Whilst beach volleyball is generally a sport played between pairs, Akari’s addition puts the main cast at five. However, she pretty quickly falls into a managerial position for the beach volleyball club, and is there to offer support when required.

That is followed up with the arrival of Emily and Claire’s mother, Marissa Thomas. She agrees to coach Haruka and Kanata, which only serves to improve their skills when it comes to beach volleyball. In particular, their is a very specific reason that Marissa has the pair train together.

The last part of this volume more or less focuses on Kanata’s past: from her meeting with Narumi up to them entering a beach volleyball tournament and having to play against a very familiar sister pair.
We get a particularly fun match between teams Narukana and Eclair, but it also feeds into the present day with Haruka helping Kanata to reconnect with Narumi after all that has happened between them.

Also worth mentioning is Haruka punishing Kanata for talking about her “ex-girlfriend” (that would be Narumi) too much, and Marissa comparing being on a team in beach volleyball to marriage.

Overall, the third volume of Harukana Receive is enjoyable. We get the introductions of two new characters – Akari and Marissa – as well as taking a look into Kanata’s past, and nicely wrapping up all the drama between Kanata and Narumi.

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