Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 2: Brilliant Sapphire

With Hibiki Tenshou’s arrival, Aine and Mio want to push their Aikatsu to even greater heights. With a little help from Hibiki, the girls are able to practice a new type of Aikatsu.

Hibiki meets everyone

Hibiki introduces herself

Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon are all gathered together, discussing how Hibiki Tenshou is the hot topic of the moment. It isn’t long before Hibiki herself shows up, and she soon has all the girls’ hearts skipping a beat. Hibiki tells everyone about Space Aikatsu – or Spacekatsu – and the girls are all eager to try it. Fortunately, Hibiki can just get the necessary facility set up with a single phone call.

Zero Gravity Aine and Mio

Turns out Spacekatsu is not easy

Hibiki has her Lovely Friends set up a zero gravity training chamber, where Pure Palette, Reflect Moon and Honey Cat all take it in turns to give Spacekatsu a go. It turns out to be far more difficult than any one of them had anticipated. Even Reflect Moon, the idols from the moon, struggle with the zero gravity.

Hibiki Zero Gravity

Hibiki makes Spacekatsu look easy

Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon all find that moving in zero gravity is too hard for them – at least for the moment. Hibiki decides to demonstrate her Spacekatsu for them, and she is able to make it look effortless. Seeing Hibiki like that lights a fire under Mio.

Mio's Stone

Mio is holding onto an unpolished stone

Mio insists on going back into the chamber and trying Spacekatsu again. She still struggles with it, and when the gravity is returned to normal, a stone falls out of her pocket. Aine jokes that it is a cursed stone, but there is something more to it.


Hibiki’s Friend, Alicia Charlotte

Moving on, Hibiki decides to take a little time to tell the girls about her one and only Friend, Alicia Charlotte. According to Hibiki, Alicia is so charming that she captivates all who lay eyes on her. Hibiki was simply a captive of her charms, and decided to make her her Friend.
However, that fated Diamond Friends Cup against Love Me Tear arrived. As princess of the Principality of Solvette, Alicia had to return home. She ceased her Aikatsu activities, and Hibiki pretty much hasn’t heard from her since. Hibiki wants to reconnect with Alicia, which is why she is keen to learn about Pure Palette’s frienergy.


Mio’s stone turns into a sapphire

After hearing Hibiki’s circumstances, Mio is more keen than ever to shine brighter than before. She pushes herself with even more Spacekatsu, and her burning desire ends up transforming her unpolished stone into a shining sapphire. She has a show to get to shortly afterwards, and it is one that Hibiki wants to attend.

Jeweling Sapphire Dress

Mio is bequeathed the Sapphire Jeweling Dress

When Mio performs, the sapphire responds to the brilliance of her Aikatsu and bequeaths upon her Material Sapphire Coord. After the concert, Hibiki explains that Mio was chosen by the jewel. Unpolished jewels are drawn to idols who possess a strong light, respond to their brilliance and give birth to Jeweling Dress.

Aine & Mio

Pure Palette will shine even brighter

Mio has stepped up her Aikatsu, and in turn that means that Pure Palette will be able to grow even more.
The episode ends with Hibiki notifying Alicia that the Sapphire Jeweling Dress was born. Alicia reads the message, but she doesn’t respond.

Hibiki’s introduction last time was great, and she continues to be great in this episode as well. I very much look forward to when she and Alicia inevitably reunite – I suspect it will be spectacular.
When it comes down to it, though, this was very much Mio’s episode. It was pretty good, even if Mio did seem to suddenly forget that Aine is very much part of Pure Palette as well.
Mio was all about improving herself here; she’s been down that path before, and it earned her some harsh words from Love Me Tear. In the end, though, it is all ultimately to push Pure Palette to greater heights – and it’s unlikely that Aine will get left behind this time.

I hope that Hibiki and Alicia get back together sooner rather than later. Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel is setting up some lofty expectations for them; hopefully they’ll be able to meet them.

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