Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 11: Lead People and Inspire Their Imagination

Safe to say that things really did not go well for PreCure in the previous episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure. Perhaps things will improve for them in the eleventh episode.

Fuwa, Lala, Puruns, Hikaru, Madoka & Elena

Everyone examines the damage that was done to Lala’s rocket

We start with PreCure crashing back to Earth on Lala’s rocket. It ends up getting damaged, though it is still somewhat functional this time around. Enough for it to be stored in a capsule, like something straight out of Dragon Ball.
With Madoka’s Dad nearby investigating reported UFO sightings, everyone makes a run for it before they can be spotted. They hide out at Ryo’s observatory.


Hikaru blames herself for what happened

Ryo is surprised to see Fuwa and Puruns when the girls come rushing in. However, he keeps quiet about them, even when Madoka’s father comes in. Fortunately, something comes up that distracts him from actually discovering that Madoka and her friends are there.
Whenever Hikaru is feeling down, she visits the planetarium. Ryo finds her in there, and talks to her. Hikaru blames herself for what happened, but Ryo thinks otherwise. He also tells Hikaru that the Southern Cross constellation suits her.

Monster of the Week

A Notrigger created by combining Kappard, Tenjou and Ayewan’s powers

The Notraiders arrive on Earth, and Ayewan has an experiment she wants to take care of. She turns the Taurus Princess Star Colour Pen into a Dark Pen, and uses that power to turn herself, Kappard and Tenjou into a Notrigger. Bakenyan, Ayewan’s butler, refuses to be a part of that.

Cure Star

Cure Star attacks

The Notrigger attacks Madoka’s father, since he happens to be nearby. He ends up getting knocked unconscious, but Puruns is able to carry him to safety whilst PreCure transform and fight.
However, the Notrigger overwhelms them. Kappard, Tenjou and Ayewan all start going on about how they lost their home planets and had to live on the edge of the universe. They tell Cure Star that she has no imagination.

Cure Soleil, Cure Milky & Cure Selene

Soleil, Milky and Selene offer Star their support

It seems that Cure Star has nothing to say back to her enemy’s taunt, but the other three members of PreCure stand up and say how it is thanks to Hikaru’s imagination that they are all together now. Cure Star also realises just what Ryo was talking about when he said that the Southern Cross suited her perfectly.

PreCure Southern Star Shoot

PreCure Southern Cross Shot

Cure Star is able to regain her resolves thanks to her friends, and this in turn awakens a new power. When said power is awoken, Darknest – presumably our main antagonist for this season – reacts to it.
With new power comes a new attack: PreCure Southern Cross Shot. They defeat the Notrigger with the attack, and Cure Star is able to reclaim her Taurus Princess Star Colour Pen.

Bakenyan Retreats

Bakenyan retreats with his defeated allies and the Dark Pen

Puruns tells Star to grab the Dark Pen that the enemy claimed before, but Bakenyan steps up and refuses to let them have it. He claims that whoever gathers all twelve Pens will gain the power to transcend anything before departing.
Once Bakenyan is gone, Madoka’s father shows up. Before he can get too suspicious about Madoka turning up in a place where a UFO was sighted, somebody approaches them. Got to wait until the next episode to find out just who it is, though.

Episodes 10 and 11 of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure were both excellent. They come as a pair, and we got some really neat moments from both. Episode 10 most notably gave us the enemies winning, and in this one PreCure gained a new team attack. Milky, Soliel and Selene all coming together and pulling Cure Star back from the brink of despair was also a particularly good moment.

We’ve also had some intrigue set up; the power that PreCure used for their Southern Cross Shot caused Darknest to react to it.
There’s also the small matter of the owner of all twelve Princess Star Colour Pens being able to transcend anything, That’s some pretty major power there, no wonder the Notraiders are keen to get their hands on the Pens.

So yeah, I really enjoyed this episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure (and the previous one). I’m also quite looking forward to the next episode, mostly to see Hikaru as a ninja.

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