Thoughts on Beauty & the Beast Girl

Beauty & the Beast Girl is a one-shot yuri manga written and illustrated by Neji. The manga was originally posted on Pixiv, before being published as a book. Seven Seas Entertainment released the title in English.

Beauty & the Beast Girl

Front cover of Beauty & the Beast Girl, featuring Heath, and Lily Blind

Monster Girl in Love
A lonely monster, dwelling in seclusion in the forest, wishes she could live among humans despite her frightening appearance. Everything changes when she meets a blind human girl who loves the stories her mysterious forest friend tells her. As the monster and the girl grow closer in their secluded world, their love proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I’ll start by saying right away that Beauty & the Beast Girl is one of the most wholesome manga I have ever read. Its main characters – Lily Blind (the beauty) and Heath (the beast girl) – are an absolutely wonderful couple.
From Heath’s initial meeting with Lily, all the way up to the end of the story, it is pretty plain to see that there is a lot of love in that relationship.

Lily Blind’s name is a bit on the nose, considering she is actually blind. Lily manages to get by just fine, but she does reveal to Heath that that wasn’t always the case. Something about that struck a chord with me. I guess that it could have been established that Lily was blind and stopped there.
Fortunately, that is not the case, and we see that Lily’s blindness has actually affected the way she thinks about other people.

As for Heath, she’s rather awkward. That particular side of her is very cute when it does come out, and naturally Lily is the one who brings it out quite a bit.

There is some drama in Beauty & the Beast Girl, but it is relatively light stuff and doesn’t particularly get in the way of the wholesome tone that the manga has.

Beauty & the Beast Girl was a very enjoyable read, and definitely something I strongly recommend for those seeking out more yuri manga to read.

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