Aikatsu Friends! Shining Jewel Episode 1: A Phoenix Descends

All right, time to dive into the second season of Aikatsu Friends!. It may have only been a week since the first season ended, but so much more time has passed in the world of Aikatsu Friends!. Aine and Mio are now high school students.

Aine & Mio

Aine & Mio

The episode starts with the first day of high school, and naturally Aine and Mio are walking there together. Aine’s hair has just become even more fluffier over time. When they arrive at Star Harmony Academy High School, Aine and Mio find Honey Cat waiting for them.

Maika & Ema

Maika and Ema

Maika and Ema welcome Pure Palette to Star Harmony Academy High School. They all go inside together, and discover that it is quite a classy place. Wondering through the school, they soon come across another couple of familiar faces.

Sakuya & Kaguya

Sakuya & Kaguya

Sakuya & Kaguya Shirayuri – the twins that make up Reflect Moon – are also attending the same school. They decided that they should get a proper Aikatsu education, hence why they are at Star Harmony Academy High School.
It doesn’t take long for Pure Palette and Honey Cat to receive their first job as high school idols; they have to go back to the middle school and show the ropes to all the new, aspiring Aikatsu idols.


One of the girls watching Pure Palette and Honey Cat’s lessons stands out quite a bit…

With that, I can get to to introducing some new characters. In particular, there is one girl observing Pure Palette and Honey Cat, but she does’t wear a Star Harmony Academy uniform. She does, however, have a guest pass.
Moving on a bit, a plane passes by overhead, and writes ‘Help me, Pure Palette’ in the sky. Pure Palette go to investigate, and are greeted by another new face.

Hibiki Tensho

Hibiki Tenshou – the girl with the presence of a phoenix

Aine and Mio meet Hibiki Tenshou, an idol who does space Aikatsu. She is all about pushing the boundaries of Aikatsu as much as she can, and that even includes doing it in space.
Hibiki met with Pure Palette, due to them possessing “frienergy”. There is a certain person she is dead set on forming Friends with, and she wants to borrow Pure Palette’s power to do Aikatsu with that specific person.
Aine is willing to lend a hand right away, but Mio is less enthusiastic. Hibiki suggests that they watch her perform before reaching a decision.


Hibiki performs exclusively for Aine and Mio

True to her word, Hibiki puts on a performance that only Pure Palette get to watch. She even has her assistants – three ladies called Lovely Friends – prepare a stage for her. Aine and Mio are amazed by Hibiki’s performance – her dress was shining, and her appeal was spectacular. The dress that Hibiki wore was the Ruby Jeweling Dress. Jeweling Dresses can only be worn by the chosen idols.

Hibiki vs Mirai

It seems that Hibiki is something of a rival to Mirai

Mirai, from Love Me Tear, makes quite an entrance, and reveals that Hibiki is one of the Friends that retired after witnessing Love Me Tear enter the Love Me Zone. Hibiki wants to reform that Friends unit, which was why she sought out Pure Palette – thanks to some advice from Mirai. Mirai also believes that meeting Hibiki will be beneficial for Aine and Mio as well.


Alicia is not so keen on reuniting with Hibiki

The person that Hibiki wants to reunite with is a girl who seems to reside in a castle in some place that appears to be locked in an eternal blizzard. Karen pays a visit, but the girl – Alicia – says that a reunion is absolutely out of the question.

Well, I’m going to say that the second season of Aikatsu Friends! is off to a very promising start. I like Hibiki a lot already; she very much stole the show once she landed back on Earth.
Hibiki’s song was pretty good, too. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for her to reunite with Alicia; I am very much looking forward to seeing what those two are capable of together.

Next time, everyone gives space Aikatsu a go.

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