Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 10: A Beautiful, Dire Place

In the tenth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, Hikaru and the others return to space as the search for the Princess Star Colour Pens continue.


Hoshina wants to know old man Ryo’s favourite constellation

Things kick off at the observatory, where Hikaru is supposed to be helping Ryo organise the bookshelves. She’s getting a little too lost in nostalgia, though, which leads her to ask Ryo what his favourite constellation is. His answer: Crux, which is also known as the Southern Cross.
Hikaru, being the space otaku that she is, decides that she wants to go and see the Southern Cross. Fortunately, she has an alien friend with a rocket.

Madoka, Elena, Lala, Fuwa and Puruns

With everyone gathered, Hikaru decides it is time to go back to space

Hikaru is able to get the other girls together, and eventually persuades them that they should go look for the Southern Cross – whilst seeking the Princess Star Colour Pens, of course. Madoka mentions that her father saw the rocket taking off before, but ultimately Hikaru persuades everyone.


Kumu: a bearsean from the planet Bearsea

The girls aren’t in space long before Hikaru’s Star Colour Pendant has a reaction. Fuwa sends them to the Starscape, where they arrive at a planet called Bearsea. Hikaru is pretty shocked when she discovers the locals look nothing like she imagined.

Double Gravity

Planet Bearsea has double the Earth’s gravity

Bearsea looks quite pretty, but the gravity there is double what it is on Earth; Hikaru and the others quickly wear themselves out just trying to follow Kumu to the place where the Princess Star Colour Pen is supposed to be. The weather on Bearsea is extreme, as well; one moment there is a blizzard, the next the temperature rises dramatically.

Kappard, Ayewan, Bakenyan and Tenjou

PreCure’s foes have been powered up by their lord

There is also some trouble that is not native to Bearsea; the Notraiders show up, and they have received an increase in power from their lord. Hikaru and the others transform; fortunately for them, they aren’t affected by the gravity when in their PreCure forms.

Cure Star and Cure Milky

This scene has spawned some very nice fanart

Unfortunately for PreCure, the Notraiders increase in power proves to be too overwhelming for them to handle. Whilst Kappard and Tenjou keep PreCure occupied, Ayewan is free to search for the Star Colour Pen with the Dragon Radar Hitradar.

Dark Pen

Ayewan turns the Star Colour Pen into a Dark Pen

PreCure are powerless to stop Ayewan from claiming the Star Colour Pen and turning it into a Dark Pen. Even worse, Cure Star ends up having her Taurus Princess Star Colour Pen taken from her by Kappard.


PreCure were defeated

The Notraiders’ power is something that PreCure can’t overcome, and thus they end up defeated. Before they can take the Star Colour Pens, Fuwa makes a stand – very much channeling Hugtan – and Lala calls her rocket over.
This fight ends with PreCure retreating, returning to Earth – where they land in front of Madoka’s father…
That brings this episode to an end.

Well, here’s something that isn’t a common sight in PreCure; the antagonists won. Fuwa’s distraction and Lala calling her rocket prevented the enemy from claiming all of their Star Colour Pens, but Cure Star did lose hers.
Parts of this episode gave me some very strong Dragon Ball Z vibes – the double gravity, the Hitradar, that kind of stuff. PreCure does tend to be a little like that, but with Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure it is more prominent than ever.

This was a great episode. It’s nice to see the antagonists prove to be actual threats, and even claim a victory. Often in PreCure their role is nothing more than to get defeated on a regular basis, but it seems the Notraiders broke out of that mold. At least for this episode; that power up they got was a temporary one.

Next time, Hikaru’s got her work cut out for her in retrieving the Star Colour Pens that the enemy claimed.

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