Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 8: Lustrous Fur

The eighth episode of Star Twinkle PreCure sees the eponymous group travel to a bone-shaped planet in order to track down the Libra Princess Star Colour Pen.

Destination spotted

Hikaru spies PreCure’s next destination

We begin with Lala’s rocket travelling through the Starscape, which is a little bit different from what you might expect when compared to space. Soon enough, the planet with the Star Colour Pen comes into view.

Lala, Madoka, Fuwa, Hikaru, Elena and Puruns

The girls discover lots of bones on the bone-shaped planet

When they land on the planet, Hikaru wants to go first so she can put the first human footprint on the planet. Things don’t go quite as she plans, but she does get to make her mark. As the girls explore and seek out the Pen, they find themselves approached by some of the natives.

Neggy, Doggy and Maggy

From left to right: Neggy, Doggy and Maggy

They meet some furry aliens, who are very proud of their fur. The aliens find it weird that the girls only have fur on their heads, though they are impressed by Fuwa. They just feel sorry for the hairless Puruns, though. The aliens insist on a proper greeting, leading to a funny moment with Hikaru.
That’s not what the aliens had in mind, though, and they show them what their greeting looks like.


Elena tries to befriend the aliens

Elena decides to show the aliens an Earth greeting, and shakes their hands whilst smiling at them. She tells them that they are friends now, but the aliens are not quite enthusiastic about it.

Bone rain

It rains bones on the bone-shaped planet

It starts raining, but it is not water that falls from the sky. Rather, it is tiny bones. The aliens with their fur have adapted to the environment. They offer a hair tonic to the humans so they can grow fur to protect them from the rain. Hikaru is all too willing to try it, but Elena decides she will keep hold of it for the time being.

Sacred Bone

The sacred bone is actually a Star Colour Princess Pen

Doggy takes everyone to a statue of the aliens’ ancestor, which has a Princess Star Colour Pen on top of it. Doggy calls it a ‘sacred bone’, and utterly refuses to hand it over when asked about it. Puruns tries to get Elena to take it anyway, but she refuses.


Kappard arrives to claim the Star Colour Princess Pen

As they argue about the sacred bone, Kappard shows up to try and steal it for himself. Of course, that means it is time for PreCure to transform. Soleil fights Kappard directly, whilst the other three hold of his Notrey soldiers.

Furry Puruns

Puruns uses the hair tonic

It seems as if Kappard has the upper hand over Cure Soleil, so Puruns begs the aliens to let them borrow the power of the Star Colour Princess Pen. When Kappard launches an attack at the aliens who are trying to remove the pen, Puruns protects them with a little help from the hair tonic.


Cure Soleil with the Libra Star Colour Princess Pen

The aliens throw the Star Colour Princess Pen over to Cure Soleil, who uses it to power up her Soleil Shoot attack. She uses it to send Kappard and the Notreys flying, bringing the battle to an end.

Libra Fuwa

Libra Fuwa

Once the battle has ended, the girls use the pen to return the Princess of Libra to the Star Palace.

Libra Star Princess

Princess of Libra

The Princess of Libra thanks PreCure for their efforts, and makes a comment about how much Fuwa has grown. She doesn’t recognise Puruns though, as he is still covered in fur.
The episode ends with Puruns returning to normal, though Elena has another bottle of hair tonic ready for any time he wants to use it.

A good episode. Cure Soleil was the main star here, though Hikaru got some excellent funny moments in the earlier parts of the episode. Leaving her mark on the planet and her introduction in particular made me laugh.
The girls are up to three Princess Star Colour Pens now; a quarter of the way to collecting all twelve. I suspect they will have all of them by the halfway point of this season if the pace continues on like this.

Next time is a Madoka episode.

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