ENDRO! Episode 11: Nice Elf Joke

Mao is reunited with a familiar face in episode eleven of ENDRO!.


Yusha, after having successfully defeated a criffon

This episode opens with the Hero’s Party battling a criffon, as part of an advanced quest. They make short work of it, and that even includes Yusha playing around a little bit. With the girls successfully completing the quest, they return to the adventurer’s school and tell Mao that they want to go on a Hero’s quest.
With no Demon Lord, there are no Hero’s quests. Instead, Mao offers then a reward for doing so well on their quest.

No bonding!

Fai refuses to let the slobs bond

The Hero’s Party decide that they want to visit Mao’s house again, so that’s exactly what they do. Turns out that Seiran and Mao are kindred spirits when it comes to messy rooms, but Fai refuses to allow them to bond over that.

Hahaha nice elf joke

Hahaha! Nice elf joke!

Anyways, Yusha, Fai and Mei insist on making some food for Mao, but since they are Mao’s guests, Mao throws something together for them to eat. Mao’s food doesn’t exactly go down too well – and in the case of Chibi, comes back up. It’s not just Mao’s food that Chibi throws up, though.

Maid Golem

At some point, Chibi managed to eat Mao’s maid golem

Chibi throws up a whole load of junk. In amongst it is something that Mao recognises well: her maid golem. Mao worries about the golem revealing that she is the Demon Lord, but when she wakes up she has amnesia.

Lush, Meigo and Mao

Lush is not pleased with this development

Mao decides to keep the maid golem – now named “Meigo”, close so she can keep an eye on her. This includes bringing her to the adventurer school, and Lush doesn’t seem entirely too keen on the new company that Mao is keeping.

Meigo lifts Mao

Despite how it appears here, Mao actually finds herself enjoying Meigo’s company

Whilst initially the plan for Mao was to keep Meigo nearby so she could keep an eye on her, she soon finds herself enjoying the company. Lush still isn’t a fan, though.

Gathering at Mao's

The Hero’s Party and Rona gather at Mao’s place

The Hero’s Party and Rona hold a gathering at Mao’s place. Rona happens to have a Cartado that can restore lost memories, which she attempts to use on Meigo. Whilst it has no effect on her, there is a group of four girls that it does actually affect.

I think I’ll not go into detail about the last part of this episode, and leave that for viewers to discover themselves.

So in that case, I’ll skip straight to my opinion of this episode. I enjoyed it quite a bit, particularly with Mao playing a bigger role than she did in the previous couple of episodes. Chibi was great in this episode too, and Fai’s “Nice elf joke” is just something that I can’t help but find amusing.
I’m also happy to see Mao reunited with Meigo. Meigo also seems to be a lot more human than you’d expect from a golem, and that seemed to drive Mao to do what she did during the last part of this episode.

I’ve really enjoyed ENDRO! this season, but it looks like it will be coming to an end with the next episode. As such, I’ll have a review for it out sometime after the finale.

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