Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Episode 11: Fight For Life Part 2

The conflict between the military and the Babel Brigade continues in the eleventh episode of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, as we focus on Rapture and War Nurse’s respective battles.

Lau Peipei

Believe it or not, this is the fifth member of the Legendary Five – Lau Peipei

Before we get into the action of this episode, we are finally introduced to the fifth member of the Legendary Five as she looks during the present day. Lau Peipei is in Thailand, and catches some news about the attack in Naha. She hopes not to get dragged into it.

War Nurse vs Whiplash

War Nurse vs. Whiplash

There are two fights happening during this episode, and the first one we’ll be focusing on here is War Nurse vs. Whiplash. Whiplash also explains why she is called “Whiplash”, and it has nothing to do with the weapon she wields.
War Nurse struggles to defend herself against Whiplash’s attacks, but then Whiplash makes a mistake.

War Nurse triggered

War Nurse does not take kindly to being called a punching bag

Whiplash tells War Nurse she is going to make her a punching bag, which brings all the memories of the bullying Kurumi suffered flooding back. War Nurse has no intention of being treated like an object ever again.

War Nurse's Victory

War Nurse manages to turn things around

Unfortunately for War Nurse, Whiplash is very proficient when it comes to karate, and she ends up getting pinned. As Whiplash starts pummeling her, War Nurse comes very close to returning back to her old self – however, she gathers up her resolve and is able to break free from Whiplash and stick her with a syringe.


Sacchuu takes care of the small fry Disas

Switching over to Rapture’s fight against Giess, we see Sacchuu offering support by gunning down the smaller Disas that are present. That allows Rapture to focus on her target.

Rapture vs Giess

Rapture vs. Giess

Giess is an anti-Magical Girl weapon, so Rapture is having a very rough time fighting him. She is unable to properly block his attacks, and seems to get crushed under a pile of rubble that falls.

Rapture attacks Giess

Even with one arm, Rapture fights on

Rapture wasn’t crushed, but she did lose her left arm. Rapture and Giess take a moment to talk to each other, and they actually understand each other’s motives. Still, though, Rapture is determined to protect the world because there are beautiful things in it. With a little help from Sacchuu, Rapture is able to strike at a weak point in Giess’s armour. Her weapon gets stuck, though, and her foe isn’t defeated yet.

Eternal Ironworks Magic Blacksmith Ilmarinen's Topor

Rapture reaches out for a familiar looking weapon

Iizuka arrives at the scene of the battle, shooting at Giess with normal bullets. Of course they have no effect, but that wasn’t what Iizuka was after. Instead, he has a new weapon for Rapture to use: the Eternal Ironworks Magic Blacksmith Ilmarinen’s Topor. It was the weapon wielded by one of the Russian magic mercenaries that tortured Nozomi a little while back.
With that, Rapture is able to bring the fight with Giess to a close.

Mia, Nozomi and Sayako

Just Cause, Nozomi and Sayako, surrounded by Disas

Before we get to the aftermath of the fight against Giess, we take a moment to check in on Mia, Nozomi and Sayako. They are surrounded by Disas, and Just Cause is still injured. However, an ally shows up to get them out of a sticky situation.


Phoenix saves Just Cause and the others

Phoenix shows up, completely eliminating the Disas and making the area safe once again. With that out of the way, we can now see the aftermath of the fight against Giess.

Giess's final moments

Giess uses his final moments to reveal a shocking truth to Whiplash

Giess is cut from his armour, and there’s not a whole lot of him left. He tells Rapture that their target never was General Tabira, but the magic item she brought along with her. War Nurse arrives shortly afterwards, and quickly gets to work reattaching Rapture’s arm after Sacchuu brings it over.
Whiplash, whom War Nurse had dragged along with her, regains consciousness and sees Giess’s true self. Giess reveals that the accident that crippled Whiplash and killed her mother was set up by the Babel Brigade.
Giess passes away after revealing that, leaving Whiplash to fall into insanity.

Group Hug

Group hug

Whiplash is taken away, and Rapture’s arm is healed. Rapture and War Nurse go outside, where they are reunited with Just Cause and Phoenix. Seeing her friends are still alive, Rapture hugs them – and so does War Nurse, at Just Cause’s insistence. There is also one more who wants to get in on the hugs.

General Tabira

General Tabira survived – she assumed her fairy form to speed up her recovery

Giess wasn’t able to kill General Tabira when he attacked her, though she was heavily injured. As such, she has reverted to her fairy form so she will heal quicker. Rapture also seems to be much more appreciative of her hugs in that form, too…
The episode ends with Nozomi thanking Sayako for saving her, as well as Mia and Tamara departing for now.

This episode adapted the last part of chapter 20, as well as chapters 21 and 22 of the manga. It may have adapted a couple more beyond that as well, but the official English translated manga hasn’t got to that point so I couldn’t say for sure.
As has been the case for the past few episodes, Nozomi and Sayako being present during the battle is an anime-only thing.
Another change is Asuka’s attack on Giess with her Rapture Talon: she threw it in the manga, whilst here she swung it –  both resulted in it getting stuck in Giess and leaving her without a weapon, though.

This episode was great. We got some good action, with both War Nurse and Rapture having to fight hard. From War Nurse’s fight against Whiplash, War Nurse resolving not to return to her old self was a great moment; particularly when she gathered the resolve to defeat her opponent.
Rapture and Giess’s fight was impressive, and one particularly thing I liked about it was that the pair could see eye to eye.

Maybe Giess said those things he did to Whiplash in an attempt to turn her against the Babel Brigade – after hearing Rapture’s desire to protect the world because there are beautiful things in it, maybe he felt like Whiplash would be better off on her side.

Another thing from Rapture’s fight was Iizuka bringing that weapon for her – it connects this event to one that happened earlier on in the story, and that kind of thing I find to be quite pleasing.

So yeah, a fairly excellent episode all round, I felt. I believe the next episode is the last one, so I’ll probably be writing a review for Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka after I’ve watched it.

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2 Responses to Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Episode 11: Fight For Life Part 2

  1. “Maybe Giess said those things he did to Whiplash in an attempt to turn her against the Babel Brigade – after hearing Rapture’s desire to protect the world because there are beautiful things in it, maybe he felt like Whiplash would be better off on her side.”

    That’s a really interesting idea! I wouldn’t put it past Babel Brigade to use that tactic, but if they didn’t, but if they didn’t, then this was an almost compassionate move on Giess’ part.

    Though it seems like Whiplash paid a pretty heavy price for it.

    “So yeah, a fairly excellent episode all round, I felt.”

    I thought so, too. TBH, I was relieved! I’ve seen too many shows stumble near the end, and I was happy that Asuka didn’t do that.

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