Aikatsu Friends! Episode 48: Hungry Hungry Kitty

Honey Cat are focusing on preparing for a worldwide tour in episode forty-eight of Aikatsu Friends!, but it isn’t a simple task. A chance encounter with a cat may be just the thing they need, though.

Honey Cat

Maika and Ema discover just how much they need to go on a world tour

The episode begins with Ema and Maika eagerly discussing where they should go for their world tour. However, Mio brings them back to reality by showing them that going on a world tour is a rather expensive thing.
Still, they remain determined to have the tour, so Honey Cat start saving.

Love Me Tear

Love Me Tear appear on Honey Cat’s show

We haven’t seen them since the Diamond Friends Cup, but now Love Me Tear appear once again. This time they are guests on Honey Catalk, Honey Cat’s talk show. Mirai and Karen are asked what Aikatsu means to them; their answer is effectively love and happiness.


Maika looks great

Honey Cat continue doing Aikatsu as they normally would, whilst saving up so they can embark on their world tour. It’s a fairly slow process, but they are making steady progress.

Honey Cat - Cat Ears

Honey Cat with cat ears

Moving on a bit, Ema and Maika find a cat that is being harassed by crows. They scare the crows away, but the cat refuses to come out. Fortunately, earlier on in the episode Ema and Maika helped Chiharu tidy up, and found some items that are rather useful.


The cat that Ema and Maika found

After getting out of hiding, the girls see the cat has a collar. As such, they decide to search for the cat’s owner. They don’t have much luck, but a stop at the Penguin Café and one bath later, they realise that the cat is Sugar – a really cute cat that is trending on Friendsta.

Honey Cat and Sugar

Honey Cat support Sugar

Honey Cat are able to return Sugar to her owner – a woman who also happens to be president of a cat food company. Sugar has a show coming up, but it seems the large crowd is a little too much for her to handle. That’s where Honey Cat come in; they offer to support Sugar on stage, and the show goes well.

Sugar and Honey Cat

Sugar with Honey Cat

Following Sugar’s show, Honey Cat have their own one to go. Following that, the president of the cat food company offers to sponsor Honey Cat’s world tour as thanks for their help with Sugar.

We end on that positive note. This was a very good episode, and no, my love of cats had absolutely no influence on my opinion. Probably.
Reflect Moon and now Honey Cat have both had great episodes post-Diamond Friends Cup, so I don’t really get why Pure Palette’s episodes weren’t all that great. Well, whatever; things are almost certainly going to get better once the second season starts.

But let’s not worry about the future and focus instead on this episode. I’ve mentioned it before, but I feel like Honey Cat don’t get as much attention as Pure Palette, Reflect Moon or Love Me Tear. Well, at least within the show – it might be different when it comes to fan works.
Episodes like this one serve as a reminder that Honey Cat should be considered equals to the other three, and I’m happy when they come along.
So, great stuff, all in all.

Next time, we may be seeing the end of a veteran group – a plot that Kiratto PriChan actually got to first. Hmm…

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