ENDRO! Episode 10: Dreams

Whilst on a supposedly simple quest, the Hero’s Party end up talking about dreams in episode ten of ENDRO!.

Hero's Party

The Hero’s Party huddle together in their tent

This episode begins with the Hero’s Party on a snowy mountain, trying to gather medicinal herbs for a quest. The snow was unexpected, so for now they are stuck in their tent. As they try to stay awake, Fai suggests that they talk about their dreams for the future. They do talk about them for a while, but all four party members soon find themselves actually dreaming.
I’ll go through each dream in turn.


Yusha dreams of defeating the Demon Lord


Fai dreams of food


Mei has the weirdest dream, which is naturally about Cartado


Seira dreams of bigger breasts and a tidy room

Fortunately for the Hero’s Party, Seira knows that her dream could never be reality so she is able to wake up. However, when she isn’t able to awaken the other members of her party, she goes through their Cartado and finds one that allows her to dive into the dream world. Yusha, Fai and Mei are all so wrapped up in their own dreams, that Seira decides to take drastic measures.

Angry Seira

Seira destroys the dream worlds

Seira destroys the girls’ respective dream worlds, but they aren’t going to give them up without a fight. I won’t go into details about how this whole episode resolves itself, but it is quite amusing.

This is definitely one of ENDRO!‘s sillier episodes. Actually, I will say that Seira was great in this episode too. I don’t particularly have much else to add here, so I guess I’ll abruptly end this post now.

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