Thoughts on Crisis Girls Volume 2

The story of Crisis Girls concludes with this second volume of the manga, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the overall series here. Before that, though, I’ll take some time to go over what I thought of the ten chapters contained within volume two.

Crisis Girls Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Crisis Girls, featuring Grave-Digger Kaede

The crisis concludes!!
No villain is safe now that all three Crisis Girls have assembled! Fearless, feisty, and very occasionally deadly, these girls won’t back down from a fight, no matter how wacky things get!

The blurb may mention the three Crisis Girls assembling, but the third Crisis Girl – Busujima Busuko – only shows up with three chapters of the story left to go. She doesn’t really get to do a whole lot compared to Kaede and Toucha.
For the brief time she does appear, Busujima does make a fairly decent impression; she might just be the strongest of the Crisis Girls, and she has a strong sense of justice. Her ability is nothing to scoff at.

As for the rest of this volume, it continues with the same tone that was set by the first. There’s a fair amount of meta humour to be found here, on top of some slapstick stuff too. I found myself laughing a fair bit as I read through this volume, and that’s all you really want from a comedy manga.

That pretty much applies to both volumes of Crisis Girls, too. I really enjoyed the humour present, and there are some decent character dynamics. Kaede’s guardian, Okabe, is a father figure for her, and then we have the rivalry between Kaede and Toucha for a couple examples of that.
I’m disappointed that Busujima Busuko is introduced so late, as it means there is next to no time to explore her relationship with the other two Crisis Girls. All we know is that she looks ups to Kaede.

Overall, Crisis Girls is relatively funny series. It’s not exactly genre-defining stuff, but I still had a fun time reading it.

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