BanG Dream! 2nd Season Episode 11: Star Beat!

Both Poppin’ Party and Tae have a decision to make in the eleventh episode of BanG Dream! 2nd Season.

PoPiPa, CHU2 and Pareo

CHU2 talks to all five members of PoPiPa

Previously, CHU2 said to Kasumi and the others that she wants them to hand Tae Hanazono over to her. CHU2 wants Tae to officially join RAISE A SUILEN, even going as far as to talk to all five band members about it.


Tae thinks about CHU2’s proposal

It seems that Tae has no intention of going along with CHU2, at least not until the other members of PoPiPa tell her that she should take some time to think about it. This does leave to the five them feeling somewhat down as Tae’s future with Poppin’ Party is uncertain.


Rokka is really enthusiastic when it comes to PoPiPa

Kasumi stops by at Galaxy, where she is sorting out some more of the details of PoPiPa’s self-sponsored with Rokka. Rokka quickly picks up that something is wrong. When Kasumi asks if PoPiPa is still PoPiPa, Rokka assures her that yes, that is the case.

Tae and Kasumi

Kasumi plays “Star Beat!”

Kasumi ends up bumping into O-Tae, and the two go and have a chat. Kasumi tells O-Tae what she was up to, and then decides that they should play some guitar. O-Tae says she doesn’t have any amps, but that doesn’t stop Kasumi.
Kasumi plays “Star Beat!”, and we see flashbacks to the first season of BanG Dream!. Once Kasumi finishes playing, O-Tae grabs a stone and starts frantically writing lyrics on the ground.


O-Tae performs a new song for PoPiPa

Kasumi messages the other members of PoPiPa, and they all get together. O-Tae plays a new song for them; it is a song that makes her feelings about the whole situation clear. Everyone starts being honest about their feelings; they may have all told O-Tae to consider CHU2’s offer, but they didn’t want her to go.


Fortunately for PoPiPa, O-Tae is not going anywhere

O-Tae has no intention of leaving Poppin’ Party, and that’s when all the tears start flowing. Actually, Saaya wouldn’t have even shown up if Rimi didn’t pick her up, as she was scared of what O-Tae was going to do.

Sleeping PoPiPa

Kasumi cracks me up here

It seems that PoPiPa have exhausted themselves with that drama, as they all fall asleep wherever. Still, their rest is well deserved, and now they have a new song for their self-sponsored show.

This was a great episode. I could have probably guessed that Tae wouldn’t leave Poppin’ Party, but we still got some pretty effective drama. I like to think that Rokka helped a little bit when she assured Kasumi that PoPiPa is still PoPiPa. Also got to give props to Rimi, for bringing Saaya to that gathering.

Looks the next episode will be the last one, so it’ll be a review next week rather than an episodic post.

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