Aikatsu Friends! Episode 47: Coco’s World

In the forty-seventh episode of Aikatsu Friends!, the Aikatsu Navi guide Coco decides that she wants to Aikatsu as well.


Strange feelings have been welling up within Coco

So this episode is all about Coco, and that is who I shall be focusing on. Pure Palette do have a performance right at the beginning, but I’m going to skip ahead a bit. Coco has a request for Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon. She wants to do Aikatsu.

Honey Cat, Reflect Moon and Pure Palette

Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon help Coco with her request

The six girls are happy to help Coco out, and they even manage to arrange a public viewing for Coco. Before Coco can perform though, she needs to train. Coco can’t come into the real world, but it is possible for people to go to Coco’s world…

Virtual Aikatsu Goggles

Virtual Aikatsu Goggles allow the girls to dive into Coco’s world

Both Mio and Maika have their doubts about being able to go to Coco’s world, but amusingly enough Coco is able to give them a way to do exactly that. Got to say, never expected Aikatsu Friends! to go down that route…

Welcome to Coco's World

Welcome to Coco’s world

Aine, Mio, Maika, Ema, Sakuya and Kaguya are able to dive into Coco’s world, where they meet Coco of course. They find themselves in a recreation of Star Harmony Academy, and the town that it is based in. After the girls get over the shock of meeting Coco, it is time for her training to begin.


Coco trains with the girls

Coco struggles to keep up with the training at first. Mio tells her that Aine was just like that to begin with, but her perseverance got her to where she is today. That is enough to motivate Coco, and she gets back into it.

Coco Appeal

Coco Appeal

After training enough, Coco is able to perform a Coco Appeal. An Appeal is a technique that those new to Aikatsu generally struggle to perform, but Coco is training with some of the best Friends units.
The time for Coco to perform draws near, but there is a problem. Rather, there are several problems and they all look like Coco.

Antivirus Cocos

Antivirus Cocos

It seems that Coco wanting to do Aikatsu is considered a bug, so a squad of antivirus Cocos are dispatched in order to fix the problem. Pure Palette, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon aren’t having any of that, and say that they will protect the original Coco. They flee from the antivirus Cocos. However, they seem to keep showing up at every turn. Coco also mentions that the girls may not be able to return to the real world if they are caught by the antivirus Cocos.

Coco's sacrifice

Coco makes a sacrifice

In the end, Coco sacrifices herself so the girls can safely return to the real world. Once they have returned, Aine tries calling Coco but gets no response. It appears that she has been deleted, but then a few days later…

Upgraded Coco

Coco received an update

As it turns out, the mob of Cocos were actually Notification Update Cocos. As such, Coco received an update. Here’s the patch notes:

  • Better at using an abacus
  • Able to name almost all the prefecture capitals
  • Able to tell left from right without needing to hold chopsticks

With that, the episode ends on a happy note.

I really enjoyed this episode. It certainly went in directions I didn’t expect, starting with the dive into the virtual world. Then there was the supposed “antivirus Cocos”, which seemed to make things take a darker turn. That scene with Coco sacrificing herself… didn’t think Aikatsu Friends! would do something like that.

A little disappointed that Coco didn’t get her performance, though. That’s the only negative thing I really have to say about this episode. Overall, it was a really good one. Hopefully Coco will get at least a couple more episodes dedicated to her in the second season.

Next time, it will be a Honey Cat episode that also has plenty of cats. Naturally, I am looking forward to it.


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