Thoughts on Kiniro Mosaic Volume 7

The next manga I shall be sharing my thoughts on is the seventh volume of Kiniro Mosaic. There’s absolutely nothing else to add to this introduction, so I’ll just get started.

Kiniro Mosaic Volume 7

Front cover of the seventh volume of Kiniro Mosaic, featuring Aya Komichi, Youko Inokuma, Shinobu Oomiya, Karen Kujou and Alice Cartelet

Shino and friends are a little uneasy about moving to a higher grade, but a school trip to Nara and Kyoto (and the chance to make new memories!) is just around the corner! As a huge fan of Japanese culture, Alice should be excited, but she’s just too worried. The new school year is about to begin – will everyone still be in class together for their last big high school excursion?

The seventh volume of Kiniro Mosaic is set as the characters enter the third and final year of high school. Before getting to that point, though, there is the small matter of Alice’s birthday. More specifically, it is Alice’s 18th birthday, though you certainly wouldn’t know that just by looking at her.
She also receives some rather unconventional gifts, but in the end it is the thought that counts.

Following that is the start of the new school year, which of course means the girls classes are rearranged once again. There is a lot of trepidation about the class change amongst the girls – some hiding it better than others – but things end up being fairly favourable.

Moving on from that, we have the school trip to Nara and Kyoto. A trip where Alice makes a convincing tour guide, whilst Shino reacts to everything as if she is seeing it for the first time.
Honoka is pretty great during the trip, too. Her love for Karen is as evident as ever, and she even has another friend – Kana – who seems to be aware of that whole thing.

This volume ends with Isami thinking back on her past, giving us an insight into how she became a model, and just how much she loves Shino.

After seven volumes of Kiniro Mosaic, my thoughts on it still remain exactly the same: a cute and funny series. It is my favourite slice of life series, though perhaps I’m a little biased towards it due to there being English characters.
Either way, whether I’m reading the manga or watching the anime, it will always get me laughing. I also find myself fully invested in each character – Kiniro Mosaic is quite simply a delight.

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