Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 6: Observatory

In the sixth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, Hikaru takes Lala to the nearby observatory to try and get her to relax a little.

Lala's repairs

Lala’s repairs aren’t exactly going too well

The episode kicks off with Lala continuing the repairs on her rocket. They aren’t going particularly well. Hikaru drops by with Elena and Madoka, but this only irritates Lala. She kicks them out of the rocket so she can focus on repairs.
Hikaru decides that Lala needs to take a break, so she takes her, and the other two girls, to the observatory.


Hikaru is pretty keen to show Lala some books about space

In the observatory is a collection of books about space, naturally. Hikaru just gives a pile of them to Lala. At that point, old man Ryo shows up, and gives them permission to go into the star room.

Point of Origin

This room is where Hikaru first fell in love with stars and space

The room is a place that Hikaru has been visiting ever since she was little. It is the very place that she fell in love with the stars and space: her point of origin. There’s a telescope in the room, which leads to Ryo revealing that he has noticed that the stars are seemingly getting dimmer.
After hearing that, Lala is more keen to repair her rocket than ever before. She tries to leave the observatory, but bumps into Ryo on the way out.

Lala in the planetarium

Lala in the planetarium

Ryo ends up taking Lala to the planetarium. Inside, he tells Lala that constellations are like relationships between people – referring to the fact that Lala has just met the other three girls. Still, he looks forward to seeing what kind of constellation they become.

Bakenyan and Ayewan

Bakenyan and Ayewan

The enemy that PreCure will be facing this time around isn’t Kappard or Tenjou. Instead, it is Ayewan, who has an experiment prepared for when she arrives on Earth. She is accompanied by Bakenyan, who seems to be Ayewan’s butler.

Dark Pen

Ayewan is in possession of a darkened Star Colour Pen: a Dark Pen

Ayewan is the top genius scientist of the Notraiders, and her experiment is a Dark Pen. It is a black Star Colour Pen, and her first target with it is Ryo.

Monster of the Week

A Notrigger

Here we have our first example of a monster of the week, a Notrigger. Of course, Hikaru and the others won’t just stand around doing nothing.

Star Twinkle PreCure

Star Twinkle PreCure

We get our first full group transformation of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, and then it is time for the girls to fight. The Notrigger proves to be a tough foe, despite the four of them fighting against it. Lala tries to make a charge to grab the Dark Pen from Ayewan, but ends up getting blasted instead.


Cure Milky asks for help

During the fight, Cure Milky realises that she might not be able to act alone. She asks the other girls for their help, and they agree. By working together, the girls are able to create the opening they need to let Milky grab the Dark Pen.

Milky grabs the Dark Pen

Milky grabs the Dark Pen

Milky is able to retrieve the Dark Pen from Ayewan – once she grabs it, it reverts to being the Leo Star Colour Pen. She uses it to power up her Milky Shock attack, defeating the Notrigger. Ayewan and Bakenyan retreat, whilst Ryo is safely returned to normal.

Leo Fuwa

Leo Fuwa

With the Leo Star Colour Pen safely retrieved, PreCure are transported to the Star Palace where they meet the Princess of Leo.

Princess of Leo

Princess of Leo

The Princess of Leo asks PreCure to collect the remaining ten Star Colour Pens. After that, they return to Earth where they check on Ryo.

Madoka, Puruns, Lala, Hikaru, Fuwa and Elena

Lala wishes for everyone to help her repair her rocket

Later that night, the four girls sit out under the stars. Hikaru spots a shooting star go by, but it vanishes from sight before she can make a wish. Lala has a wish she does make, however: for everyone to help repair her rocket. The other girls are willing to do exactly that.
That brings episode six to an end.

This episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure was yet another enjoyable one. It was a Lala episode, and that is perfectly fine with me.
We got our first instance of a monster of the week with the Notrigger, though Ayewan seems to lost her only means of creating them with the loss of the Dark Pen…
Being a scientist, though, I imagine she has some way of replicating that up her sleeve. I’ll imagine we’ll see for ourselves in the future.

It also seems like the Star Colour Pens could be found on other worlds or scatted through space; that could be an explanation for how the Notraiders got hold of one in the first place. Lala is also very keen to fix her rocket, and that might just be key to getting all twelve together.

Next time, Lala may finally get her rocket repaired.

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