ENDRO! Episode 9: Star of the Festival

In the ninth episode of ENDRO!, Mei and her friends take a trip to Tarkas Village: the place where Cartado are produced. It is there that she intends to participate in the Cartado Festival.

Hero's Party meets Dodo

Mei’s companions waste no time in becoming Dodo’s friends

Mei announces to the others that she has managed to get into the Cartado Festival. She done this by befriending a Tarkas: the race that produce Cartado. It took Mei months to do that, but the other three girls instantly become friends with the Tarkas known as Dodo.

To Tarkas Village

Dodo guides the girls to Tarkas Village

Mei believes that she will be the only one setting foot in Tarkas Village, but Dodo says that the other three are welcome as well. Mei has to keep translating what Dodo says, though Fai’s wild instinct makes her a pretty good interpreter. In the end, Mei decides it is easier to rely on Fai.

Cartado Tree

It’s not like Cartado just grow on trees- oh.

As it turns out, Cartado are produced by nature. They are not a powerful sorcerer’s magic sealed into cards, but something you can just pick off a tree. However, the Tarkas Village isn’t easily accessible; the girls would not have been able to get there without Dodo. Mei almost loses herself in the paradise, but the other girls hold her back.
Pressing on, the group arrives at Tarkas Village, where they see plenty of other Tarkas. They are all preparing for the Cartado Festival.MeiFaiYusha


No problems here.

The Tarkas have special outfits prepared for the Cartado Festival, which they let the Hero’s Party have. They are all too small, with one exception. After everyone has gotten clothes that actually fit, it is time to enjoy the festival.

Enjoying the Festival

The girls enjoying the Cartado Festival

After partaking in the typical festival activities, it is time for the main event. Everyone goes out in search of wild Cartado, and whoever brings back the best one is given the title King of Cartado. Naturally, the Hero’s Party participate as well.

Jumbo Cartado

Mei unearths a jumbo Cartado

The search for a good Cartado turns out to be quite a fierce competition, with a legendary rare Cartado just being snatched from them at the last moment. In the end, Mei manages to find a one start common Cartado. However, there is something unique about it: it is jumbo sized.

King of Cartado

Mei is named the King of Cartado

Mei’s find may be a common Cartado, but the size of it impresses the Tarkas Village leader that she is given the title of Cartado King. There’s actually not all that much to being Cartado King, but Mei is certainly happy about it.
The festival comes to an end, and you have to feel a little sorry for Mei considering the way in which it ends. Still, there are fireworks, which seems to cheer her up a bit at least.

This was a fun episode of ENDRO!. There’s not really a whole lot I can add to that statement; this episode gave us plenty of enjoyable moments. Definitely a great episode for Mei.
That’s all I really have to say. So, in summary, good episode.

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