Thoughts on Laid-Back Camp Volume 3

It’s no secret that I have  backlog of manga to get through that I want to review, and the volume three of Laid-Back Camp is what I shall be turning my attention towards next. My selection process is completely random, so that’s why you’re getting a double dose of Laid-Back Camp.
This third volume contains chapters fourteen through to eighteen as well as the collection of Room Camp side stories.

Laid-Back Camp Volume 3

Front cover of the third volume of Laid-Back Camp, featuring Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Having passed her exams, Nadeshiko is looking forward to camping with Rin, but a sudden cold keeps Nadeshiko in bed. Now Rin is on an impromptu solo trip to Nagano. While she’s used to going it alone, she still keeps thinking about Nadeshiko… Could there be a way for Nadeshiko to come along for the ride after all? Ah, technology and nature in harmony!

This volume starts with the Outdoor Exploration Club making a visit to an outdoor gear shop. With Nadeshiko being among the group, she learns a bit about various outdoor equipment, and even finds an item that she resolves to buy once she starts earning money.

The main event, though, is Rin’s solo trip. She did plan to go with Nadeshiko, but Nadeshiko is stricken down by a cold.
Though Rin may embark on the journey on her own, she does find herself in Nadeshiko’s company thanks to their phones. Rin’s solo trip here is quite different from the one we previously saw her go on, in that she seems to want to share much more of it with Nadeshiko.
Nadeshiko never being far from Rin’s mind is quite a sweet thing. In this volume in particular, we can see Rin warming to the idea of camping with other people. Admittedly ‘other people’ generally means Nadeshiko, but hey, baby steps. Besides, the Outdoor Exploration Club still has their Christmas camp planned, and Rin says she’ll think about joining them when asked about it.

Laid-Back Camp continues to be a very enjoyable experience. This volume also shows us how Nadeshiko has changed Rin when compared to her first solo camping trip we see. The two make a great pair.

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