Thoughts on Laid-Back Camp Volume 2

Once again it is time to venture into the great outdoors with Rin and Nadeshiko, as I take a look at the second volume of Laid-Back Camp. The second volume of Afro’s series contains chapters seven through to thirteen.

Laid-Back Camp Volume 2

Front cover of the second volume of Laid-Back Camp, featuring Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Whether together apart, Rin, Nadeshiko, and the rest of the Outdoor Exploration Club are connected by the joy of camping… and campfire meals! Kick back, relax, and join the girls as they learns the dos and don’ts of outdoor cooking…!

This volume picks up with Rin’s solo camping trip, which is told in parallel to the Outdoor Exploration Club’s own trip. Rin finds herself facing a few more challenges on her trip, and not just because she is going it solo.

That is followed up with Rin and Nadeshiko taking a trip to camp at Lake Shibire together. It it is there that they meet another couple of campers, who they wind up sharing food with.

Finally, Nadeshiko starts considering future plans for the Outdoor Exploration Club, with Christmas approaching. Before that, though, the girls have to prepare for exams.

As is ever the case, Laid-Back Camp continues to provide a relaxed story about girls who go camping. This manga is a pretty good choice if you just want to kick back and read something that’s not heavy.
All the camping stuff is great, but what particularly makes it in this volume is the food. During Rin and Nadeshiko’s camping trip at Lake Shibire is a particular highlight of that. The manga goes over the girls preparing their food step by step, and the way they talk about it is a pretty good way to get readers salivating.
Rin mentions that Nadeshiko makes the food look good when she eats it, but I think that the manga makes a pretty convincing argument for the food being good anyway.

The second volume of Laid-Back Camp continues to be a fun, relaxing read. It also might make you hungry, too…

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