BanG Dream! 2nd Season Episode 10: RAISE A SUILEN

Things did not end on a particularly happy note for Poppin’ Party during the previous episode. Perhaps things for them will improve in episode ten of BanG Dream! 2nd Season.

Tae apologises

There is a lot of apologising in this episode

Roselia are on opening theme duty for this episode, which is fine by me. The first part of this episode is Tae apologising to Poppin’ Party for what happened, and then Poppin’ Party apologising to everyone who helped them out at the culture festival.

Lisa, Sayo, Ako and Yukina

Yukina accepts PoPiPa’s apology

When it comes time to apologise to Roselia, Yukina isn’t as harsh about it as Sayo expected she would be. Yukina explains what was going on with Tae and RAISE A SUILEN.
After a whole lot of apologising, Tae has somewhere that she wants to stop off at by herself.

Tae's decision

Tae no longer wants to play support with RAISE A SUILEN

Tae goes to see CHU2, and tell her that she no longer wants to play support for RAISE A SUILEN. CHU2 does not take the news particularly well, and even less so when Tae tells her she thought playing with RAS would be good training.


Tae returns to PoPiPa

After that, Tae goes back to PoPiPa and tells them what transpired. She is stepping down as RAISE A SUILEN’s support guitarist, but they want her to play one final show before she goes. Tae agrees, and the rest of PoPiPa decide that they will go and see the show.

Rei and Tae

A glimpse into Rei (AKA Layer) and Tae’s past

After Tae’s news, Masking goes out to find Layer. She claims that it was because Pareo was worried about her, but I can see Masking having a thing for Layer – this is BanG Dream!, that is not outside the realm of possibility. Layer recounts what happened between herself and Tae in the past, which reveals that Masking has a surprisingly sensitive side.

Maya and Eve

Maya and Eve

The day of Tae’s last show with RAISE A SUILEN arrives, and PoPiPa bump into a couple of familiar faces outside the venue: Maya and Eve. Maya wants to see RAISE A SUILEN’s drummer, though she didn’t want to go alone so she invited Eve along. Maya being Maya, gets quite impassioned when talking about the band, and the venue was well.



RAISE A SUILEN take the stage, and perform “R・I・O・T”. Their performance stuns PoPiPa, who see that Tae is like a different person when on stage with RAS. Once their song is finished, Tae announces she will be stepping down as support guitarist.
After the show, PoPiPa seem to be feeling somewhat down. Perhaps they feel that they are holding Tae back when she plays with PoPiPa…

CHU2 & Pareo

CHU2 and Pareo

This episode ends with CHU2 and Pareo approaching Poppin’ Party, and tell them that they will hand Tae Hanazono over to her.

After what happened in the previous episode, I’m glad that Tae, and the rest of Poppin’ Party, took the time to apologise to everyone that was affected. Much like Sayo, I was surprised Yukina wasn’t more harsh, though.
I feel that Yukina would have been perfectly justified in having a go at Tae for her decisions, or even Kasumi for not exactly showing great leadership during that situation. Instead, she was pretty cool about the whole thing and just told them that it won’t happen again. Yukina’s probably right; the culture festival is definitely an experience that PoPiPa will learn from.

As for the end of this episode, I seriously doubt that CHU2 will get her wish. For a start, Tae isn’t just an object to be freely handed around: she is her own person with her own thoughts and feelings. Tae made the decision to step down from RAISE A SUILEN, which makes it clear that Poppin’ Party will be her priority going forward.
CHU2 going up to the other four members of Poppin’ Party and telling them to hand Tae over is not going to work. Admittedly PoPiPa may consider it, given their state of mind after the gig. Ultimately, though, the decision is Tae’s to make.

Whilst BanG Dream! 2nd Season hasn’t been drama all the way through, when it does it, it does it well. This whole arc with Tae and RAISE A SUILEN has been some pretty good stuff.

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