Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 5: Mysterious Moon

The fifth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure is one that I have been looking forward to as it introduces the fourth member of the team.

Madoka Kaguya

Madoka Kaguya has a talent for archery

This episode begins with the star of this episode, Madoka Kaguya, doing some archery. She happens to be quite skilled at it, having won many competitions. We also meet her father, who is the chief of the Space Research Special Task Force with the Diet. His current job has him investigating alien sightings…

Elena, Hikaru and Lala

Hikaru and Lala tell Elena about the whole PreCure thing

Moving on, Elena walks to school with Hikaru and Lala. It doesn’t take long until a swarm of girls is crowding around her. There also happens to be a second crowd, though at their centre is Madoka.

Hikaru, Lala & Sakurako

Hikaru and Lala listen to Sakurako Himenojo giving exposition about Madoka

The girl we saw in the previous episode who caught sight of Lala and Fuwa before makes a return. She is Sakurako Himenojo, who is in Hikaru’s class. She also fancies herself as something of a rival for Madoka, and intends to surpass her. When Sakurako notices Lala, she can’t help but feel she has seen her somewhere before. Hikaru and Lala deny it, though.

Hikaru & Madoka

Madoka asks Hikaru if she is hiding anything

Moving on, Madoka has noticed something odd going on with Hikaru. During the day, she approaches Hikaru and Elena and asks if Hikaru is hiding anything. It seems as if the girls will get away with keeping Fuwa a secret for now, but then Fuwa wants to say bye to Madoka when they are leaving.

Fuwa appears

Fuwa appears

That encounter with Fuwa plays on Madoka’s mind, even affecting her archery later on. Her father asks her if something has happened at school that has affected her. She keeps quiet about Fuwa.

Hikaru begs Madoka

Hikaru pleas for Madoka to keep Fuwa a secret

Later on, Madoka ends up discovering Lala’s rocket, where Hikaru, Lala and Elena have gathered together. Madoka threatens to tell her Dad about the aliens, but Hikaru begs her not to. Their conversation is soon interrupted, though.


Tenjou continues her search for the Star Colour Pens

Tenjou and a group of Notraiders show up. Hikaru immediately goes to confront them, with Lala and Elena following along. They ask Madoka to take care of Fuwa whilst they are fighting. However, Tenjou has plenty of soldiers that some are able to attempt to take Fuwa from Madoka.

Madoka's Star Colour Pen and Pendant

Madoka’s desire to protect Fuwa awakens a new power

With even Puruns distracting the Notraiders, Madoka makes a run for it. Her desire to protect Fuwa brings forth the transformation trinkets required for her to become PreCure, though she is a little hesitant about using them at first.

Cure Selene

Mysterious moon! Shine in the night! Cure Selene

Madoka transforms into Cure Selene. Tenjou has the advantage in terms of numbers still, but Selene has no problem dodging the Notrey’s attacks. Done dodging the enemy attacks, Selene launches one of her own.

Selene Arrow

Selene Arrow

Cure Selene is able to defeat all the Notreys sent after her, so Tenjou decides it is time for her to retreat. After the fight, the girls return to their normal forms and the Space Research Special Task Force arrive. They are led by Madoka’s father, of course.

Madoka's Dad, Lala and Madoka

Madoka keeps the whole incident a secret

Madoka’s Dad tells her that there was an incident, and asks if she heard anything. Madoka says that she didn’t, so the Task Force leave her be and continue their search.

First Names

Elena and Madoka insist that Hikaru refers to them by their first names


Lala has no reservations about calling Elena and Madoka by their first names

That brings this episode to an end.

So that brings our full team together, at least for now. This is PreCure after all, there is very likely going to be another member joining the team later on down the line.
Each member of the team got a pretty great introductory episode, and Madoka Kaguya/Cure Selene is no exception to that.
I can definitely see there being clashes with her father in the future, but I imagine he’ll mellow out in the future.

Seems like Sakurako could end up being more of a rival for Madoka rather than a character like Maho Girls‘ Kana Katsuki – or maybe she could have elements of both things. Sakurako’s desire to be better than Madoka could lead to her witnessing all sorts of alien incidents, or something like that.

Madoka is the main star here though, obviously. Her debut as Cure Selene was great, and I very much look forward to seeing what Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure has in store for us now that the main cast has officially assembled.

Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure‘s introductory episodes have all been great. The story can now kick in proper next episode now that the team has been established. I’m confident in saying that we have a great cast of characters assembled here, so let’s see if the other aspects of this season can match up with that.

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3 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 5: Mysterious Moon

  1. OG-Man says:

    While most will be gushing over Lala I’m good with Elena and Madoka. So good!

    Looking forward to more.

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