Princess Principal Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Time for my first unboxing post of 2019, and it is not a game that I shall be focusing on. Instead, it is one of my favourite anime from 2017, Princess Principal. MVM Entertainment are releasing a Collector’s Edition for the series, and ordering it directly from their shop meant getting hold of it a little earlier than its actual release date.
This is a post that will show what comes with the Princess Principal Collector’s Edition, using photos taken with my phone. Without any further ado, let’s dive right in.img_20190302_145031.jpgIMG_20190302_145111First up, the front and back of the box that holds everything. The front features all five members of the main cast, whilst we can see Ange and Princess holding hands on the back. Some pretty nice artwork on both sides, but ask me to pick a favourite and I’d have to go with the Ange and Princess piece.IMG_20190302_145211_1IMG_20190302_145129IMG_20190302_145211_1Next we have the Blu-ray case and the discs themselves. The case uses a different shot of the five main cast members, whilst Ange and Princess appear on the discs. Again, some pretty nice art on display here.img_20190302_145313.jpgThe next item is a Storyboard Book for case 13: Wired Liar – otherwise known as episode 1 of the series. It’s exactly what it says it is: a book that contains the storyboard for the first episode of Princess Principal. It’s a neat little thing – well, 176 page thing – that gives something of an insight into how Princess Principal‘s first episode was produced.IMG_20190302_145429The Staff & Cast Interview Book contains 80 pages of… well, interviews. You’ve probably already guessed that said interviews are with the staff and cast that worked on Princess Principal. Another neat thing that provides some insight into the people who worked on the anime.IMG_20190302_145650The Princess Principal Secret File book contains things like episode summaries, character profiles and a whole lot of pretty art to look at.
That brings us to the last items: art cards.

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That covers everything included in the Princess Principal Collector’s Edition, which has some pretty nice stuff. Particularly if you like getting an insight into the production of anime, as well as a feel for the personalities of the people who worked on it.
Princess Principal Collector’s Edition is a great addition to my collection, and makes a very nice companion for my Flip Flappers Limited Edition.

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