BanG Dream! 2nd Season Episode 9: Double Festivities

The day of the double cultural festival arrives in episode nine of BanG Dream! 2nd Season. Poppin’ Party are scheduled to perform, but things might not be so simple for them.

Yukina & CHU2

Yukina turns down CHU2’s invitation to RAISE A SUILEN’s show

RAISE A SUILEN have a show coming up, at the same time as the double cultural festival. CHU2 attempts to invite Yukina, but Yukina has zero interest – though she does seem to notice a familiar name.
That would be because Tae is supporting RAS on guitar, and now she is doubled booked. However, the rest of Poppin’ Party are sure that they can work something out so Tae can do both shows.

Ghost Rimi

Ghost Rimi is cute

Next up, we get to see what some of the characters get up to during the cultural festival – besides performing with their bands. Rimi, Kokoro and Saya are involved with a ghost café, where people can meet ghosts. Kokoro came up with the idea, feeling sympathy for beings that people tend to fear.


Kaoru is as popular as ever with all the other girls

Among the various events taking place at the cultural festival is a ‘Kaoru café’ – in which Kaoru Seta is the one serving her guests. Naturally, the guests are Kaoru’s fangirls, and they can barely contain themselves. I’m surprised that Rimi and Himari didn’t make an effort to stop by.
Also worth mentioning that it is Kaoru’s birthday today (February 28th), so happy birthday Kaoru.

Cat Café

Not what Yukina had in mind when she voted to do a cat café

Glitter Green

Glitter*Green make an appearance

There’s all sorts of events going on at the festival, but I won’t be covering them all here. Instead, I shall be jumping ahead a bit.

Layer & Tae

Tae helps RAS to put on a successful show

As promised, Tae performs with RAISE A SUILEN. It looks like she’ll be able to get to the culture festival in time for PoPiPa’s performance, but then the audience call for an encore…
Tae ends up running late, meaning that PoPiPa are unable to go on the stage at the scheduled time. Kasumi runs out to go and find Tae, whilst a few of their friends help by filling time.


Oh. I think I might be a little bit in love with Rokka now…

With the festival session band having just played, Aya is left on stage to stall for time. She struggles to do so. However, Rokka grabs her guitar and takes over for Aya out on stage. She plays an absolutely face-melting solo, pretty much blowing everyone’s minds – mine included.
However, Tae is still nowhere to be seen. There is one band that is ready to go on stage, though.

Sayo and Hina

Hina offers Sayo her guitar

Said band is Roselia, but Sayo is without her guitar. Fortunately, her sister, Hina, has hers. Sayo accepts it, which is quite a nice moment. With everything ready to go, Roselia go on stage. Before they begin, Yukina compliments Rokka on her abilities.

Lisa & Yukina

Roselia perform “Determination Symphony”

Whilst Roselia are on the stage, Kasumi and Tae are running to the school with all the might they can muster. They eventually arrive, push open the door… and discover that they are too late.


Emotions run high within PoPiPa

Tae ends up in tears, whilst Arisa storms off without saying a word. This is the point where the episode ends… ouch.

This was a fun episode, at least until it wasn’t…
The festival stuff was enjoyable, though the highlight definitely has to be when Rokka took the stage. Whilst I knew she played guitar, I had no idea that she was so skilled. Her solo was absolutely stunning, and has made me appreciate her even more. You know its good when even Yukina is complimenting her.

Roselia being ready and willing to perform was great, too. Lisa played with two different bands, but that didn’t slow her down one bit. Sayo accepting Hina’s guitar was also a neat little moment, considering that those two haven’t exactly always got along.

Then we had the drama. It’s pretty easy to blame RAISE A SUILEN – or more specifically, CHU2 – for what happened, but Tae did kind of bring it on herself too. That ending definitely stung; PoPiPa clearly means a lot to Tae. Seeing her in tears like that wasn’t pleasant.
Tae needs to hurry up and distance herself from RAISE A SUILEN so she can focus on PoPiPa, which is where she belongs. I’m sure there’s another talented guitarist out there who would love to join a band…

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