Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 4: Incandescent Radiance

In the fourth episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, Cure Star and Cure Milky gain a new ally. This is an episode that certain people I know have been eagerly anticipating. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Elena Amamiya

Elena Amamiya will be the star of this episode

This episode begins with Hikaru stopping by to bring some food to Lala, before she heads off to school. Lala decides to join Hikaru, and Fuwa and Puruns tag along as well. Of course, Fuwa and Puruns have to remain out of sight, but fortunately there is something else that has the other students’ attention.

Distant Sun

Elena is very popular with the girls

The students’ attention is focused on Elena Amamiya, the sun of Mihoshi Middle School. Hikaru and Lala want to thank her for her help the other day, but they can’t get near her. When an errant football is kicked towards the group of girls surrounding Elena, she skilfully returns the shot.

Fuwa eats cake

Fuwa enjoys a slice of cake for lunch

With Hikaru in lessons, Lala decides to peek in on a couple to see what this school thing is like. She happens to see a gymnastics class where Elena performs admirably. At lunch, Hikaru and Lala eagerly talk about how great Elena is before they eat.

Madoka Kaguya

The Moon of Mihoshi Middle School, Madoka Kaguya

After a scene where we see a few more of the antagonists, Hikaru and Lala decide to try and find Elena. They spot a crowd, but discover that it is Madoka Kaguya at the centre of it. Madoka is the student council president, and the Moon of Mihoshi Middle School. Madoka tells them that Elena has gone home. As Hikaru and Lala leave, Madoka notices Fuwa.

Elena's siblings

Elena’s siblings want to play with Fuwa

Hikaru and Lala go to the Sonrisa (“smile” in Spanish) flower shop, where Elena works. There, her siblings manage to get hold of Fuwa and want to play with her. Puruns assures Lala that it will be fine, so they get the go ahead.
After talking for a while, it comes time for Hikaru and Lala to depart. As they walk home, they encounter Tenjou and her Notrey soldiers.

Forces divided

Tenjou employs divide and conquer tactics to fight PreCure

As Cure Star and Cure Milky fight against Tenjou’s forces, the smoke from the battle catches the attention of Elena’s siblings. Knowing that Hikaru and Lala were walking in that direction, Elena heads straight there.
She sees the fight, but is too scared to step forward to help. However, when Fuwa is threatened Elena gains the resolve to make a move.

Elena's Star Colour Pendant & Pen

Elena’s desire to protect Fuwa’s smile grants her the power to transform

Fuwa brought smiles to her siblings’ faces, and Elena wants to protect that. She declares that she will protect Fuwa’s smile, and thus is granted a Star Colour Pendant and a Star Colour Pen. Transformation time.

Cure Soleil

Incandescent radiance, illuminate the universe! Cure Soleil

Cure Soleil immediately leaps into the fight, making use of her gymnastic prowess to leap around the place and attack her foes.


Cure Soleil gracefully leaps around the battlefield

Cure Soleil seems to favour kicks when it comes to combat, giving her a fighting style that is very reminiscent of One Piece‘s Sanji – particularly that flaming kick. Her special move, Soleil Shot, sees her kicking a flaming ball at her enemies – a technique that has been used by previous Cures.

Cure Soleil victory


With the unexpected appearance of a third Cure, Tenjou retreats. Once everything has been settled, Puruns is willing to explain all about PreCure to Elena. He says that it will take a long time, so Elena decides that she doesn’t need to hear it for now and goes back home.

Before I talk about the main star of this episode, I just want to quickly highlight Hikaru’s and Lala’s interactions with each other – particularly at the beginning of this episode. It was pretty cute to see them getting along now.

So, this was Cure Soleil’s debut, and it was definitely worth waiting for. Let’s see: Elena is popular with the girls, and those were definitely love letters that they were handing her.
She also has a pretty great personality, and her desire to protect smiles is a good motivation for her to have.
Said motivation led directly to her transforming into Cure Soleil, and I really like the way she fights. As I already mentioned, the use of kicks brings to mind One Piece‘s Sanji – that flaming kick in particular. Soleil’s special attack is pretty impressive as well, even if it is an attack that we have seen before in other seasons of PreCure.

To wrap up my thoughts on this episode, I only have one thing to say. This was an excellent debut for Cure Soleil.

Next time, one more ally will be joining the team. Said ally has been the one that I have been most looking forward to seeing, so let’s hope that her debut can match those that have come before.

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2 Responses to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 4: Incandescent Radiance

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  2. OG-Man says:

    The wait for her episode was worth it. My Hype Ranger lived up to my expectations and then some. Hopefully yours will too for more than just a first impression.

    I have something else I asked you over at my place. You’ll know what I mean.

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