ENDRO! Episode 7: Andas Village

In the eighth episode of ENDRO!, Princess Rona decides that she should spend some time with the other three members of Yusha’s party in order to get to know them better.

Rona impressed by Seira

Rona finds Seira to be impressive

The first person that Rona chooses to hang out with is Ellenoar, or Seira as we know her. She observes Seira playing a motherly role for the party, ensuring they have the correct textbooks or that they eat their meals properly.

Mei & Rona

Mei and Rona visit Cartado shops together

After Ellenoar, it is Mather’s turn to be accompanied by the princess. Naturally, Mei is visiting Cartado shops, and Rona tags along. Turns out the princess has some pretty impressive Cartado herself, and Mei also learns a lesson about what it means to be a Cartado collector.

Fai & Rona

Fai goes on a trip to recall her wild instincts, accompanied by Rona

Last but not least, Rona decides to accompany Fai. Fai is setting on a trip to recall her wild instincts. Turns out Fai’s little wild trip is a lot tougher than looking after the others or collecting Cartado.

Leaf Rona

Rona covers herself with a leaf whilst her clothes dry

Following Fai, Rona ends up taking an unexpected dip in a river. She waits for her clothes to die after that incident, and decides it would be best for her to go back home. Unfortunately, Rona has no idea how she’ll go about getting back, so she is left with no other choice but to accompany Fai.

Sleeping Bag Buds

Fai and Rona settle down to sleep in what Fai has dubbed ‘sleeping bag buds’

As the night sets in, the girls need to find somewhere to sleep. Fortunately, some of the local flora provides them with a surprisingly comfortable, and safe, place to rest. As they settle down for the night, Fai asks Rona if she loves Yusha. Rona admits it, and starts listing what she likes about Yusha. Fai drifts off to sleep pretty quickly.

Andas Melon-Eating Contest

Fai and Rona enter an Andas Melon-Eating Contest together

The following day, Fai and Rona arrive at their destination: Andas Village. The village happens to be holding an Andas-Melon Eating Contest, which is why Fai has travelled there. However, she needs to enter as a pair, so Fai has Rona join her.

Princess Rona

Rona grabs a live Andas Melon

Throughout the majority of the competition, Fai devours Andas Melon after Andas Melon, maintaining a healthy lead over the rest of the competition. However, she soon hits her limit, but Princess Rona steps up and eats one Andas Melon which is enough for her team to secure victory.

Fai hugs Rona

Fai hugs Rona to thank her for helping out with the contest

As Fai and Rona make their way back home, Rona admits that she doesn’t like Andas Melons. Still, she ate one though, and Fai is very happy to learn just how hard the princess worked for her sake. Fai hugs Rona, with Rona left wondering why she is feeling so happy.

Rona blushing

Rona blushes as Fai recounts their adventure to the rest of the Hero’s Party

Fai and Rona are able to safely return home, a year’s supply of Andas Melons in tow. Fai excitedly tells the others about their trip. Turns out that Fai’s trips are little too wild for the rest of the Hero’s Party, so they commend Rona on being able to keep up with her.

ENDRO! continues to deliver great episodes one after another. This one was a particularly cute one, and I was glad to see Rona actually making the effort to get to know Yusha’s companions.
This episode was as much Fai’s as it was Rona’s, too. It was a lot of fun to see what one of Fai’s wild trips entails, and even more so to see Rona taken out of her comfort zone.

Overall, a great episode that provided plenty of laughs and fun moments.

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2 Responses to ENDRO! Episode 7: Andas Village

  1. OG-Man says:

    The best outings were between Rona, Mei and Fai.

    Loved the scene in the hardcore Cartado shop.

    Full belly Fai is precious. Rona getting mad street cred for keeping up with her was nice.

    Hopefully next time we’ll get more Yusha X Rona.

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