Aikatsu Friends! Episode 44: Everything is About Experience

In the forty-fourth episode of Aikatsu Friends!, Mio is asked to film another ChocoMint Macaron advert for Valentine’s Day. This will be another post where I will pick out a few highlights rather than recapping everything.

Monsieur Zack Baran & Mio Minato

Mio agrees to film a new ChocoMint Macaron advert

You’d think Star Harmony Academy would have better security with Diamond Friends in attendance, but nope, anyone can just walk right up to the girls. In this case, it is Monsieur Zack Baran, who wants Mio to film a third ChocoMint Macaron advert. She agrees, and suggests that they make it about boys confessing, rather than girls.

Maito, Kazune & Kagami

Maito, Kazune and Kagami are coerced into filming the advert as well

Of course, with Mio’s idea, they will need some boys to film the advert with. They end up roping in Aine and Maika’s brothers, as well as Ken’s trainee makeup artist. They are pretty useless when it comes to acting, so Aine, Ema and Maika are tasked with teaching them a little bit.

Aine boxing

Aine boxing

So we get a few scenes with the three aforementioned girls helping out the three boys. The best thing to come from all of this is seeing Aine box, and that is about it. In the end, the boys are able to film the advert.

Mio's advert

Mio’s advert

Mio holds a premier event for the new advert, which includes a performance because you need at least one of those per Aikatsu episode. Ultimately, the advert is a success and increases sales of the ChocoMint Macaron, as well as the number of boys confessing on Valentine’s Day.

Honey Cat

Here’s a screenshot of Honey Cat, because they were in this episode too

That brings this episode to an end.

This episode really didn’t do anything for me. It feels a little like Aikatsu Friends! is spinning its wheels as the end of the season draws near. Perhaps the Diamond Friends Cup came a little too early; that would have been the perfect way to cap of this season of Aikatsu Friends!.
Not to say that moving the Diamond Friends Cup would have given us a different Valentine’s Day episode. It doesn’t help that the male characters, perhaps besides Ken, aren’t exactly the most compelling. We barely know them compared to everyone else involved in this episode, and I couldn’t really bring myself to care.

Hopefully this lull is just for this one episode and things pick up again next time. Though saying that, what can be done at this point with the end so close and a second season looming? Whatever it is, I just hope it is more interesting.

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