Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 3: Try To Get Along

In the third episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, Hikaru and Lala find themselves butting heads in regards to their approach to PreCure’s mission.


Lala has Hikaru’s Star Colour Pendant analysed

Previously, the Star Colour Pendant made a noise. However, it has gone quiet since then, so Lala has it analysed in her rocket. Puruns suggests that the noise is related to the PreCure’s mission to retrieve the Star Princesses’ powers. Upon hearing that, Hikaru grabs the Pendant and goes off to search for it, despite the analysis not being finished.

Annoyed Lala

Lala soon gets fed up with Hikaru

Lala follows after Hikaru, keeping in contact with her rocket’s AI. The Pendant makes another sound, which Hikaru tries to tell Lala about. Lala is more concerned with the analysis, and she is also not a big fan of being treated as an adult by Hikaru.

Hikaru & Lala

Hikaru and a not very happy Lala

Hikaru ends up leading Lala to a place where there are loads of people. Fortunately, Lala easily blends in as a human, whilst Puruns manages to pass as a balloon. Hikaru gets some doughnuts, and the shop owner tells her about a UFO sighting, as well as a giant firefly.

Hikaru and Lala

Hikaru and Lala continue to argue

After picking up her doughnuts, Hikaru goes back to Lala and tries to tell her about the giant firefly. Lala has no interest in that, and the two end up arguing about how they refer to each other.

Elena Amamiya

Lala and Hikaru meet Elena Amamiya

Another girl steps in as the pair argue. The girl is Elena Amamiya, the sun of Mihoshi Middle School. Elena tells Hikaru and Lala that to get along, they should listen to what each other has to say. After she departs, Hikaru and Lala still aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Puruns & Fuwa

Fuwa’s crying brings Hikaru and Lala’s argument to a swift end

Hikaru goes to search for the giant firefly, with Lala following claiming that she is only interested in the Pendant. Hikaru is just about to say something she would regret, but quickly stops when Fuwa starts crying.

Lala & Hikaru

Lala and Hikaru are finally able to put their differences aside

Thanks to Fuwa, Hikaru and Lala stop arguing. By working together, they are able to locate a Star Colour Pen. However, a Notrey snatches it away before Hikaru can pick it up.



The Notrey hands the Pen to its leader, Tenjou. She came to Earth in pursuit of the Star Princesses’ powers, and is pleased to get one of the Star Colour Pens. Hikaru and Lala have no intention of just handing it over, though.

Star & Milky

Star asks Milky to analyse the situation

Hikaru and Lala transform, and Star attacks. However, Tenjou is a better leader than Kappard and Star finds herself getting zapped with lasers. Unable to get close to the enemy, Star asks Milky to analyse the situation. Milky agrees, the the pair try a second attack together.

Taurus Pen Get

Cure Star gets the Taurus Star Colour Pen

Star and Milky’s attack leaves an opening for Milky to snatch the Pen away from Tenjou. She throws it to Star, who is able to use it to power up her Star Punch. Tenjou retreats before she can get hit by the attack.

Taurus Fuwa

Taurus Fuwa

After the battle, Hikaru and Lala use the Star Colour Pent to grant Fuwa the power of the Taurus constellation, which temporarily changes her form.

Princess of Taurus

The Princess of Taurus

Having reclaimed the Taurus Star Colour Pen, the Princess of Taurus is able to return to the Star Palace. She tells PreCure to restore the remaining eleven constellations, so stars won’t fade. Hikaru swears to protect them.
After they return from their visit to the Star Palace, Hikaru apologises, and everything ends on a happy note. Also worth noting that Hikaru and Lala start referring to each other with just their given names.

This was another great episode of Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure, that brings to mind a few of the older seasons where pairs of Cures didn’t exactly get along first – most notably Suite.
Still, by overcoming their differences, Hikaru and Lala have grown that much closer. It’s definitely a good step towards seeing more Hikaru x Lala in the future, potentially.
We also got a new villain. Tenjou is clearly a tengu, so at this point the theme for the enemies is clearly youkai.

This episode was also our first proper glimpse of a Star Princess, and how their power affects PreCure. For now it only seems to strengthen their attacks, but I could see other constellations providing different benefits.

Can’t forget to mention Elena Amamiya. It was only a brief appearance, but she is going to be a much more important character from the next episode onwards. Very much looking forward to seeing her debut as a Cure.

So, yeah, all in all, a pretty great episode.

Finally, I want to talk a little about the new visuals that were released for the PreCure Miracle Universe films that were released very recently.PreCure Miracle Universe visual
In this one, we see Lala with most of the KiraPati girls. Hugtan is there as well, but there isn’t really a whole lot more for me to say. It is the other visual that I particularly want to draw attention towards, though.PreCure Miracle Universe visual 2
Now, take a look at the characters featured here. Putting Harry aside, we have the most prominent yuri couples from the past two seasons of PreCure, AkiYuka and EmiRuru. However, we also have Elena Amamiya and Madoka Kaguya from Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure – the current season.
So perhaps this visual is a hint of things to come between Elena and Madoka. …Or maybe it’s just a silly promotional image that I am reading too much into. Only time will.


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1 Response to Star ☆ Twinkle PreCure Episode 3: Try To Get Along

  1. OG-Man says:

    Good thing our adorable duo patched things up in record time. I admittedly wasn’t much of a fan of Hibiki and Kanade’s repeated bickering. They of course got MUCH BETTER after making up and falling in love.

    Tenjou is leagues better than Kappard for obvious reasons.

    My body is beyond ready for the next episode.

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