ENDRO! Episode 6: Gargoyle in a Birdcage

Mao is somewhat under the weather in episode six of ENDRO!, so Yusha and her party decide that they will take care of her.


Mao has been struck down with Demon King Fever

Whilst giving a lesson to the adventurers, Mao suddenly collapses. She gets taken to the infirmary, where she discovers that she has caught a case of the Demon Lord Fever; so-called because not even the Demon Lord can escape from it.

Mao's honey

Mao has some leftover honey

With that, Mao has no choice but to rest up plenty in order to recover. Unfortunately, she has very little in the way of food at her place. There is some honey, though. which she enjoys. Being alone like she is, Mao is reminded of what things were like when she rose up as the Demon Lord.

Demon Lord Mao

Demon Lord Mao

Despite having four generals and a golem assistant, Mao felt alone. We also happen to learn that the way Mao appears presently – as a little girl – is actually her true form. She used magic to take on a more menacing appearance when she confronted the Hero’s Party.

Hero's Party & Mao

The Hero’s Party work together to take care of Mao

Yusha and her companions arrive, which somehow ends up causing Mao to feel worse. However, her reservations are soon lifted as Yusha and the others actually take care of her. In their care, Mao ends up falling asleep.

Lush & Mao

Lush & Mao

We get to see a bit more about what happened to Mao after she was sent back into the past thanks to Yusha’s fumbled spell. Her efforts to secure a job were futile, at least until Lush happened upon her. Lush quite literally picked Mao up, taking her along on a quest she was doing at the time.

Five-Tailed Dragon

Mao and Lush face a five-tailed dragon

Lush has to fight a five-tailed dragon, and Mao decides to lend a hand as well. By using her magic and knowledge of the dragon’s weaknesses, Mao helps Lush slay the beast. Following that, Lush offers Mao a job teaching at the adventurer’s school. Mao almost doesn’t accept at first, but having a steady income is too good for her to turn down.

Lush and Mao

Mao wakes up to find she is sharing her bed

Jumping back to the present day once again, Mao wakes up and discovers Lush right next to her in bed. Mao doesn’t seem too concerned, particularly as she is feeling better. She eats the leftovers of the food that the Hero’s Party made. Lush offers to reheat it, but Mao says that it is warm.

We end this episode on that note. This was a warm and fuzzy episode, and a particularly good one if you are a fan of Mao. The form we see her in now also happens to be her true form: something that this episode cleared up for us.
This was very much Mao’s episode, and it was cute. There’s not much else to be said, because that pretty much sums up this entire episode. A pretty good one overall, in my opinion.

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1 Response to ENDRO! Episode 6: Gargoyle in a Birdcage

  1. OG-Man says:

    Hoping Mao X Lush goes somewhere. Otherwise it was another good episode, especially for Mao fans.

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